landed 5spin yesterday:p
i was very happy, so please ignore my scream :roll_eyes:

nice man;)

ty :stuck_out_tongue:
btw my sponsorvid is coming soon, in 2 weeks or so, it’s gonna be awsome

for what do you make the sponsor video?

very very nice mate ^^!

Sorry i dont get it…it just looks like a 540 unispin (not because you did it wrong but whats the difference between a 540 unispin and a 5 spin?)Or is a 5 spin its short name? :thinking:


Oh i see :smiley: So would a 180 unispin be a 1spin?


clean 540 :wink:
i was very happy as i land my first 540 unispin

Great job.

nice you landed your first seat in

Nice, that was the same reaction I had when I landed my first 3 spin except it was at like 10pm and i think i woke everybody on the block up.:smiley:

wow nice man, im learning them atm .