5ft Giraffe Unicycle + 3-wheeler Unicycle

Hey All.

I use to busk on these unicycles but now that I am a bit older I don’t make as much money as I use to and I’ve also turned more attention towards street and flat unicycling so I use my KH 20 often. These unicycles are sitting down in the shed and are rarely ridden so that is why I’m deciding to sell them. The giraffe is about 3 years old but not ridden for over a year. The 3 wheeler is about 2 years old and not ridden often. The 5 ft giraffe I got originally for $420 and I’m probably gonna sell it for around $200. The cons of it is the wheel need’s to be trued and it has a small dent in the frame which can bend slightly if it falls aggresively but it is fine if it isn’t used aggressively. The 3 wheeler is in great condition apart from the seat which I can replace. It works well and I got it for $450 so I may sell it for $200-$250. At this stage I’m just seeing if anyone is interested, at the moment parents don’t really want me to sell it (for no reason ><) but if someone is interested they may change their mind.

pictures? :stuck_out_tongue:

pm sent.