58cm Rolling Hop (on 24" uni)

Yesterday I did a 58cm Rolling Hop on my Muni, and I thuoght I would post it…



Nice job Isaac! Looks like your taking to your new 24 quite well!

What’s your hop height on a trials?

I’m not completly sure. I haven’t actually tried. I only do roll hops over a bar, and sidehops on a 24" is way too hard, so I did roll hops on my Muni, I know I can do 60cm on my trials, and i’m sure higher, I will try later on…


Very nice, Front hops look so smooth, I wish I were better at them

Where’d it go? I want to see this!

Likewise, y did you remove

Lucky for you guys I haven’t removed it on Vimeo (yet).


That’s pretty sweet, especialy on a 24". Did you get that song (by air?) from Jess riegel’s “Trials course love 99?”

man… i feel mean for saying this … but HALF WAY THERE!!! woot!

but by that time it will be higher… and blah blahblah.