55 year old beginner video

I am 6’3", 220 and old enough to know better but one morning I woke up and decided to learn to ride a unicycle too. These two short videos are after about 25 to 30 hours practice. I spent way too long hugging the wall. You can see I am still very tentative (leaning forward) but wow, what fun! Am working on idling in my kitchen. Just had the seat post extended after this video today and it seems to give me more control and make me less tired. Thanks for all the great helpful hints and stuff on this website. Am located in Harbin, china - teaching English (yeah I know my writing skills arent great but I just have to teach it.) Love China and its wonderful people.

This video shows my curb mount.

Funny how young I think I am until I see a video like this, what a geezer.
By the way, I do wear a helmet sometimes and elbow pads.

That’s great! Keep it up. The better you get, the more fun you’ll have!

Well done - that’s pretty straight riding without wobbling! :sunglasses:

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@Super G - thanks, I believe you.
@monocyclism - thanks and I will do that.

Hello Dan,


It took 55 years, but you’ve discovered the best sport on the planet. Not bad, most folks never catch on. I consider those who learn to ride the uni after 25 years of age, among the bravest.

Glad your having so much fun. I enjoyed seeing your curb mount video, that’s how I first learned, back more than 40 years ago. (I’m not so brave, just lucky I learned to ride young.)


I waited until I was 46 to learn how to ride the unicycle. Hope you have as much fun on your as I do.

I remember trying to set a personal best of one mile non-stop. Soon you will be looking to ride across the river on ice and back non-stop (no need to walk home).

Hi Dan, I was also 55 when I learned to ride back in March. (I’m much older now :roll_eyes: ) Here’s my learning to ride vid - hope you find it amusing.

China, eh? Fascinating. How did you end up learning to ride a uni in China?


@chrashing - thanks for the encouragement. I am still a bit of coward but I figure whats the hurry and I am so happy about what I can do already. If I never learn anything else, it’s enough.
@bungeejoe - I guess I need to learn to travel over rougher terrain if I am going tackle the snow and ice. Need to work on that. Thanks for words.
@trickcyclist - wow, nice production. You are my new hero.
My biggest fear was (and still is) falling backwards on my butt. I have only done it a few times but my reaction was so slow that I never got my feet off the pedals and falling from over 3 feet really hurts. Now I seem to have a little more control but the fear is still there. I should wear something on my backside. Thats also why I am working really hard on learning to idle, to give me more confidence when Im in the saddle.
As to china, I got fed up with the ratrace (computer analyst/programmer for a marketing company in Detroit) and wanted to find something meaningful so came to china to teach.
Been here 3 years and plan to stay until they kick me out.
Am going to buy another unicycle (my model is really cheap (300 rmb - about 40$)) to get the kids learning here. My university has about 20000 students and I live on campus so should be many who want to learn.

@Dan and trickcyclist – you people rock! It is so cool to see people at mid-life who are not afraid to fall down and learn new tricks. I started at 47, and am so happy to have found a sport that offers great enjoyment after a bit of practice, but also the promise of DECADES of ever-growing future enjoyment because there is so much to learn. Namaste!

Never too old

Never too old to learn,

Just never to old to have fun.

Way to go !!!

I used to use one of these to protect my coccyx when bocking (jumping around on spring stilts), but then I remembered I’m young and invincible.
It’s just four 10" lengths of foam piping insulation duct taped together and stuck down the back of your trousers.

@munimutant - thanks for the support - I agree - the future is boundless and not boring.
@legtod2 - I agree - learn or die.
@pseudonym - great idea! Im going to do it. I hate worrying about falling backwards and I just feel like a need a little padding to quell my fear. This ought to do it.

Maybe a pair of elbow protectors also could be a good idea. I worry for my elbows if falling backwards. - And I find gloves very useful as well.

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@Sanne.Kj - yes, I bought all the roller blading protective gear today and I will wear it.
Hey I was in Tampere, Finland for 6 months, 3 years ago. I know thats not near Denmark but thought you should know.

Ha ha - well, I was never really in Finland, but in 2001 my family and I went to Nordkapp (what’s the name in English?) and from Sweden to Norway we “cut” a corner of Finland (about 100 km or so).

By the way - the midnight sun is a special experience, so if you have the opportunity, then go north …

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Here is my chinese english classes choice of word for “unicycle”.


By the way, for anybody out there who needs a new life experience, there are hundreds, probably thousands of ESL jobs teaching English in China. You could teach them to ride a unicycle, they would love it.

That was very interesting to watch. I was struck immediately by how polite and well behaved the students were; or seemed to be, lol. Maybe when not on camera they act a little more like their American counterparts? Somehow I doubt that and think they probably take their education quite seriously. Thanks for sharing that Dan! :slight_smile:

Very enjoyable videos danlunche. How did your students react when they found out that you can ride a unicycle?

PS: I prefer 独轮车.

@municaddict - you are correct, they are very well behaved (in front of the camera). No, they always knock before coming in the classroom and stand to answer a question and I have never been dissed by a student in 3 years. But they will get away with anything if you let them. I took the desks away because they will sleep in class if they have been playing computer games all night or play with their cell phones hidden behind the desk. I love em though, they will come over and cook you a meal or watch a video with you or just hang out. They love their parents and worry about them. Cool kids.
I plan on getting another unicycle or two this spring and get them going on that. One of the boys rode 20 feet after 45 minutes of trying - (made me sick as it took me 10 hours to get that far). I think it could really take off if they were exposed to it and the local bike shop would stock them.

@hansc - yeah I think I prefer du too as it was the first one I learned and seems to be the most popular. They think you are pretty cool doing unique things like riding a unicycle as their older generation are typically very conservative and don’t do such things. I am looking forward to when I start riding to class on the unicycle, that should really flip them out.