55+ Ride-Your-Age

Hey - on behalf of the 55+ Ride-Your-Age thread over in RSU I thought I would promote the ‘mature’ cause by posting this video here.

What a great video to show someone who is thinking about taking up the sport but thinks they are too old to try.

What size cranks are you using? My Coker has 170s which makes it easier to mount but kind of a drag for distance. I just ordered 150s to try. I hope I’ll still be able to mount the thing. It came with 125s but I’ll wait awhile before I try those.

Hey thanks for your comment!

I have a range of crank sizes from 125 to 165. As I gain experience I swap longer ones for shorter ones - but then I regularly switch back. I find it useful in assessing my riding technique. On the hill in the video I was using 165’s. Mostly I am using 137 Moments at present. However, lately I sense I have begun to spin quite fast with these - feeling as if I could change up a gear to 125’s. In the video I am doing rolling mounts with the 137’s.

BTW for a while I ran 165’s for slightly longer distances of up to 24 miles. Of course I was spinning quite fast but felt I was getting quality practice time in the art of cadence - without having to go at higher speeds that might break my neck if I UPD’d - just a personal thing.

I received the 150 cranks yesterday. Last night I put them on and thought they rode easily. I almost wish I had gotten the 140s. I told my husband that the easiest fix is to buy the KH36 with double holed cranks. He looked at me funny but I think that’s what I’m going to do. That way my almost son-in-law can ride my Coker and we can go on rides together. Any excuse to get another unicycle. I need to practice free mounting. I don’t have the nerve to try the rolling mount. It looks easy enough but when I’m actually standing there with the unicycle I flake out. Static is hit and miss with the big wheel.

'ello - I guess it depends what you are aiming for with your 150’s. For me they have been a good ‘staging-post’ working towards longer (relatively) distances. As I have gone further distance I have welcomed the 150’s for not tiring me out too much whilst I gain strength and endurance. Also - it has to be fun! and the longer cranks made things easier whilst training and thus, for me, more enjoyable albeit slower. If you put some distance in you may find the 150’s are a good compromise. My tactics seems to have worked as I am now using 137’s as a comfortable choice for much further distances than the 150’s. I am anticipating switching from 137’s to 125’s as my next progression but probably next year as I seek longer distance.

Anyway, good luck with your uni exploits and have you got any vids of your uni riding for this thread? :slight_smile:

Your video made me smile, makes me wanna get me Dad riding … cant seem to convince him on what he is missing out on! I look forward to the day i get a 36er! best of luck for the first Dec, AmaOneForce be with you !!!

Yup it’s gotta be fun and I am keen to encourage anyone who hasn’t actually started riding. My vids inevitably show learning stuff. because that’s where I am at myself. So to encourage your dad maybe show him these:

…but don’t tell him just yet about possible sprained tendons, pulled ligaments and muscles, cracked ribs, and general cuts and bruises :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

Wonderful video and great progress. Keep up the good work.

Thank’s for your encourageing comments!

I sure wish Vimeo would work on my computer … sounds like a good video!

Hiya Shug,
here’s a alternative version with some soundtrack removed and different still shots embedded. So that youtube would accept it :wink: Hope it entertains.


dog team unipull

the “year” video brought smiles memories.

My son’s dogs are training for cross country ski pull so I borrowed them for great fun.


That was fun!!! Thankee for the YT post !!!