55+ Ride-Your-Age

Breaking into RSU with a proposal to acknowledge the ‘Mature Gang’ over in ‘Just Conversation’ with a new thread entitled ‘55+ Ride Your Age’. There appears to be a significant number of active 55+ riders who could make this thread worthwhile by posting their riding exploits where they should be – in RSU. Many of the things I have read here Calling Mature Unicyclists (age 55+) is living proof of the stamina and ability of older…er sorry, make that mature riders.

‘55+ Ride Your Age’ can be a general title for any riding as long as you’re 55+. I was impressed by reading how dudes where riding their age in kilometers, furlongs or miles in the Mature Unicyclists thread. So, if you are posting in 55+ in ‘Just Conversation’ why not fill this thread with news of your latest ride or abilities.

To start things here’s my first contribution. I’m in ‘training’ to ride-my-age on my birthday in 6 weeks. I plan to ride 61 miles. Put it to the test today with a ride of 50 miles – the first time I have done that. The day started cold - too cold for comfort and highlighted how winter will be coming soon. Nevertheless I was well psyched up to make this a 50 mile run. For the first 12 miles I was playing around with seat adjustment on the N36 – dismounting several times to alter angles. By the time I had that fixed it took until about 30 miles before I started to appreciate the new riding position. Between 30 – 40 miles I was ‘cooking-on-gas’. I was using 137 Moments and getting used to a pair of 5.10 impacts that gave a great sense of confidence. Those shoes are everything people have made them out to be – they just stick to the pedals.

So - everything was set for a joust with a bi*yclist then? That made its appearance in the form of a petite Spanish lady on an MTB. Riding no-handed as she rode past me she said “That looks difficult, looking at me as I am in the process of doing a rolling mount. As I gather speed I contemplated up ahead how she is riding without her hands on the bars and I think, ‘Hang on, that’s all I’m doing isn’t it?’ Right? Wrong! So I keep pace with her, albeit 200m behind – testing myself to prove I am getting better. Was it me or was the gap increasing between us? I push myself further and hey presto – I go off the front, over the top. No chance to run it out. Legs clear the uni, great…661’s ready for impact, great… hit the road, rolling fall, great….priority to get the uni off the road and check for injury – to me not the uni . The Spanish lady rides off into the distance not realising the drama going on behind her. I take an ibuprofen and get back on the N36.

Flushed with enough carbs from adequate food intake I settle down to heading for 50 miles. So, how did I know she was Spanish? Because a couple miles up the road she is stopped with a flat tyre and requires help. Funny the way I forgot my ride - well not really, after helping the damsel in distress I am on my way again. Time to switch on the lights. It is mid-afternoon but the light is poor and trees cast deep shadows onto the road making the uni hardly visible to passing cars. The lights work well with two flashing on the back and one on the front.

The last 8 miles were progressively hell. Regardless of energy levels my leg muscles where loosing their memory. They just wouldn’t respond effectively to instructions from my brain. Jeez I felt like a drunk meandering up the road. The only solution was to slow down and just tick-over with a slow cadence without trying anything heroic. I made it! Actually I think I possibly started the ride with 61 miles worth of potential under my hood but the poor road conditions (for me) on certain sections ‘drained me’ of energy more quickly. With a smoother road all the way, not playing around with seat adjustment and no Spanish distractions I am confident of 61 miles in a few weeks.

Congratulations on your 50 miler! That’s an accomplishment at ANY age! And that sucks about your fall, but you were ok and that’s what matters…we ALL fall now & then. It’s getting back up like you did that counts! ")

But darn the luck Geoff! I still have about 1.3 years to go until I hit the 55 mark. But I shouldn’t really complain, lol. Afterall, who’s in a hurry to get OLDER…at least if you’re past 21. (Unless you want to run for office.:p) But I have ridden 51 when I was 51. Really want to try this idea at the hundred year mark! ! Now THAT would be something! :smiley:

(PS: maybe you could make it a nice round number, and “adjust” your age requirement to 50 and over?)

PS#2: Thanks for fixing the sluggish loading pages Gilby! :slight_smile:

Breaking the rules …

Okay, I’m only 45, but I want in on this–what a cool idea! I’ve never ridden my uni 45 miles before, and my 46th birthday is coming up in December. I have a 24 hour race in a few weeks, so maybe that’ll be the chance to get those miles in. Anyway, it’s given me a new goal.


It looks like you are on a slippery slope to me. First it is 50 year olds, and then 45 year old riders riding their age. Soon it will be 12 year-old riders riding their age. Where is the challenge?

Modeling it after another similar challenge, I would suggest the goal of riding 100 minus your age. For me, that comes out to 50 miles. You see that I am a perfectly unbiased rider. :slight_smile:

For you, a VERY fit 45 year old, that comes out to 55 miles, which seems only fair to me. :sunglasses:

Those persnickety young riders would have a challenge ahead to them, but that is OK because they are young and full of energy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank’s Terry. Trouble is I dont have too much expereince riding with other dudes - but when I do go out with others they most often are faster and stronger than me - although they are also one or two generations younger than me :slight_smile: I guess my skill is to plod on relentlessly :roll_eyes:

Yeah it’s going to be interesting observing how your legendary skills evolve as you get older - but dont wish it on yourself yet :smiley:

Oh! do they have unicycles in heaven? :p:D

Now there ya go Terry. Always wanting to make things easy for yourself ;):D:D
In my early 50’s I remember how much fitter I was even though that is not too long ago! I think olduniman got it right with 55+. I reckon onwards and upwards is where we are all going in this thread - and 55 years is the graduation point :sunglasses:

However I feel there could also be some age catagories within our thread. Because dudes who are riding are personally achieving so much for their age. For example, dar1, is 70+ years old but IMO his riding achievements could not be fairly compared to say a 55 year old rider. So perhaps like in other sports there could be 55-60, 60-65, 65-70, 70-75. In that case dar1 might be a record holder for years to come - now that’s cool :sunglasses:

I’m 34 and get frustrated sometime when I feel like my body doesn’t hold up to abuse like it used to.
Reading how more mature unicyclist are pushing themselves, taking spills, and walking it off is very inspirational.


Last week I posted to the “Calling Mature Unicyclists (age 55+)” “Just Conversation Forum” that I’d met my goal of riding 59km in my 59th year. monocyclism suggested I post a note in this thread too.

I was tired of setting goals like I want to improve my mounts, turn better, etc … and decided that “just riding” was a better approach to being a better unicycle rider.

Looking back over my notes this apparently was a good idea. My longest 1-day ride was more than 59 furlongs (68 furlongs, 13.7km). I’ve been able to ride up and down steeper inclines and my longest ride without a dismount increased to 2.3km/1.4mi. My rollback mounts are even OK, though my dismounts are still pretty sloppy.

So, I encourage everyone (young and old) to set simple goals instead of being frustrated by the skills of the superstars. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the accomplishments of the superstars, but Abraham Lincoln said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

Now, back to next year’s goals - 60 figure 8’s,… ???

Keep riding for fun and exercise.
Bruce - New Hampshire

Second Annual Birthday Ride

For the Ride-Your-Age record this is a copy of the post made in Calling Mature Unicyclists (age 55+)

Reporting on the second annual birthday ride by olduniman and Reinhart started last year with the aim of riding 1 furlong for each candle on the cake. This year we overshot a bit managing 72.5 furlongs or 14.6 km instead of 67 furlongs to suit me as the older. Some improvement in speed rocketing along at 10.4 km/hr average on our 24 inch Bedford unis. Last year we were slower at 9.5 km.hr.

Good to see some posts appearing in ‘Ride 55+’. In particular, that the ‘mature bunch’ post their unicycling exploits and achievements within the context of RSU. Yeah!! We don’t just sit in ‘Just Conversation’ we get on our wheels and we do it! :D:D

OK, maybe age is no big deal, but personal these days I kind of contrast my age against any riding achievement because it helps me put things in perspective. If I was doing any other physically demanding sport at my age I would still make that contrast. IMHO it’s not a case of highlighting age per se so much as being able to take age into account.

So as the clock ticks down to my own ‘Ride Your Age’ opportunity in 4 weeks I wonder whether the injuries I am presently recovering from will have prevented me from doing adequate training - to match in miles the 61 candles on my cake. Well maybe I can’t have my cake and eat it! :roll_eyes: At any rate the weather is picking up and for the first time in two weeks I will be riding again to test my recovery. :slight_smile: Yippee ki-yay here we go again….

Clearly, you’ve never seen me, if you think I’m very fit! I’m just foolhardy and enter contests that are beyond my skill and fitness level … But I like your idea, and it makes sense. I’ll see if I can reach that 55 mile mark. A fit rider could do that twice in 24 hours, probably (the bike winners last year each covered just shy of 230 miles), as it’s a flat-ish and not overly technical course.

Although it doesn’t really apply to me since I’m 1529 years old, I like Scott’s’ idea of 100 minus your age for a birthday distance. It’s great to have a goal to train toward. If a 90 year old trains for and rides 10km it would be great!


I understand you were an English major, so naturally I assumed you would be in great shape, with bulging biceps and ripped abbs. :smiley:

It is the nerdy science types that tend to be pallid, pencil-necked geeks. I have a Master’s degree–in science. :roll_eyes:


Ok we’ll give you a break by subtracting 1,000 from your age? You’d only have to ride 529 miles! :stuck_out_tongue:

Long ride ahead of you

Let’s see, 100-1529 equals -1429, so for this modified ride-your-age you have to ride 1429 miles backwards! Ouch.

You might want to stick with the traditional model and just ride 1529 miles forwards. Either way you might have to lighten up the traditional rules and allow yourself more than a day. Heck, take the whole year.

Like the Chairman said, a journey of 1529 miles starts with the first rotation of the pedals. Would that be on a 24”, 29” or a 36”? Go for it Boethius you’ve got the rest of your life to do it!

That’s just 4.2 miles per day. Now to find a pub that is 2.1 miles from my abode that is willing to trade spirits for my words of wisdom. The hunt is on.

haha excellent! :smiley: Anyway, just to bring this thread down to earth here is a poor quality vid of my year as a unicyclist. I posted it here as it is quite relevant to the 55+ thread I think. Better take a look before it gets taken down for infringement of copyright :roll_eyes:

Awesome set of moving pictures!!!

Your accomplishments within one year are quite an inspiration to beginners of all ages. As I understand it, in this modern age there is a light weight version of the age old helmet that is inexpensive and provides a great deal of protection. Maybe you can find an armor craftsman to fit you with one?

I’m sure your birthday ride will go great.

I’m clear of injuries at present so in the run-up to my Ride-Your-Age attempt I thought it would be fun to show the present proposed route I have planned. The route is familiar to me through car driving and I bet there are plenty of dudes who can tell me how flat it is! The one-way distance is a tad over 20 miles so I have to do it three times to make the planned 61 miles. That means, of course, I will be riding twice in one direction and once in another. So I will be assessing the easiest direction to ride and doing that twice! I hope to recruit some friends who will video the exploit and also confirm I have ridden the distance!

I recently successfully rode a 50 mile attempt but I was at the very limit of my capabilities at the finish – so I am in unfamiliar territory with 61 miles. If I succeed it will be a boost to my appetite for the 100 miles next summer. I wondered what are the standing records for distances covered by dudes in the ‘mature-riders’ bracket. Any figures around?

You’ve got about as close to a pancake as Wales will offer, but it is about 30m heigher in Newtown, so it would be easiest (marginally) to start there and get that downhill twice and only up once.

When are you planning to ride? If it’s a Saturday I may be able to come (PM me). It’ll be a very pleasant 65km ride up the A44 from Aber, if you don’t start too early!