540s ?

hey guys,

the 360 is no problem on the unicycle, but what about the 540 like dan in univserse 2 ? are there any tips to do this awesome trick ?


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just keep training, but 540’s is old news, 720 is the new stuff.

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Oh man. Now you’ve got some shoes to fill. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm, yeah training is the key for the most tricks. 720° sounds crazy but 4 years ago no one thought about sidehop nearly one metre high… . let me know if somebody did the 720 :slight_smile:


Re: 540s ?

Watch your mouth, young lad! Some people here have problems freemounting or turning 90 degrees… I’m still working on the 270 (can’t quite make 360 yet).

If the 360 is “no problem” why don’t you post some videos of yourself 360ing down 5 stairs / over a fat gap… or off of / onto a skinny… or into a pedalgrab / grind? Don’t let your mouth write a check that your a** can’t cash! :wink: Eljest has posted some sweet street vids… so we know he can walk the talk!

not tha ti have any actuall advice as i’m still working on a 360, but um, for a 540 do what you do for a 360, just do it faster and be ready to land backwards.

also, word has it that dan heaton already nailed a 720.

i can only do 360s off something a bit higher than a curb, how do u do them off the ground? Just spin faster and keep practicing?

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Felix can also walk the talk. He has landed something like a 94 cm sidehop, and put out a couple sweet trials videos a while back. Check the website in his sig. And I’d also say the 360 is no problem, mine aren’t great the best but there seem to be a bunch of guys who can do them.

For doing a 540 or higher I think you just practise them like a sidehop. If you can jump 75 cm and you want to go higher, you practise till you can jump higher. Think of spinning the same way.


Re: 540s ?

Some advice you may find useful.

The first time I saw a 540 landed they landed it seat out in front. It is worth knowing that people can land 540s either seat out in front or to directly on the seat. You may find one easier than the other. Try with 360s and see which you find easier.

Also if you are going to land on the seat remember to start with the front of the saddle facing towards you.

As with the 360 it is probably worth practicing doing it from the ground to being with rather than directly from the pedals

I learnt 360s without leg armour (bad idea). When working on 540s you definately want leg armounr.

You may like to work on nailing 450s first, as a slightly easier trick (land standing on the wheel)

What exactly do you mean by ‘360’ and ‘540’ Foxx? unispin or rotating in the air sitting on the saddle?
I belive markf is referring to unispins while schmidty is talking about rotating in the air sitting on the saddle.

540 and 720 unispins have been done before. Andy Schwarz of TCUC has landed a 720 unispin (in One Wheel No Limit video), back in 2000 or so.

As far as rotating in the air sitting on the saddle goes the biggest I’ve seen is 360 degrees. Has anyone done a 450 or greater?

The above advice was assuming you meant a 540 unispin. If you meant a 540 spin while sitting on the unicycle then disregard the above advice :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure when we were filming Andy he was going for a 540, not a 720.

i mean jumping and spinning with the unicycle. no unispin. in the air u with the unicycle and do a 360.

thanks, david :-).

@maestro8: the sentence “the 360 is no problem on the unicycle” was something like german humor…(-)

it’s right, what i mean is the 360 - rotating the unicyle with the rider in the air. unispins is not a trick for my very bad freestyle knowledge.

but go back to the 540°: i see, there aren’t any tips and hints to do the trick, it is always the same: training and more training… :-(.


You’re right indeed it was a 540. My mistake.

Unispins, Spins

540 hoptwists, as called in IUF, yes dan heaton has done them, of course U2, 720’s, I know of one that has, and two maybe. Not syaing whom but yeah. 720 unispins yes there are four people to ever do them. Andy, two others, lol, and myself. Maestro8, 360ing into pedal grabs, some grinds, as well as onto skinnies and what not, kinda extreme. If one says they have 360’s down, they might, they just can’t take it to those extremes. Laters.

Re: Unispins, Spins

I know a guy who has done a 720 and it’s not impossible. To win over the gravity is impossible.

  • Gravity sucks

If I can pull off a 900 from the ground would I be like the tony hawk of unicycling?


e39m5- NO tony is like a grand father is skating years unless you have been unicycling a long time I say NO but i would say you rock on my signature

kris holm is like tony hawk, they are both old school.