Hey, has anybody out there managed to land a 540 spin yet? I had a couple of go’s the other day off the same ledge that i learnt 360’s and never landed one. The problem i had was that i dint have enough air time no matter how high i tried to jump and how fast i went. I tried quite a few times but eventualy decided to leave it after taking sum pretty hard bails. Maybe i need to try it off a higher leadge to get more air time because i just dont have enough bottle to try learn it on a stair set.

How close have u guys come to landing one? can anybody land 540’s and if so has anybody tried to do a 720, is it even possible to spin twice on one jump? Although im sure someone will land it one day like with everything else.

Dan Heaton did a 540 in UNiVERsE II. You can see it in the trailer: http://www.sykoproductions.com

I can’t even land a 360, but I do plain trials more than street.

It is definatly possible to 540, I’ve tried them off benchs. (like Dan)
I was able to get the spin and everything, just not land it :frowning:

Me talking to Dan:

Me: its 50% mental and 50% skill

Dan: Its all mental


i’m having trouble just getting past 180’s… it seems no matter how high i get i spin the half rotation and just stop. how did you get to the 360 relm?

Well, if you notice closley when anybody does a 360, most of the time they turn a quick 45 degrees or 90 degrees before jumping. Just keep practicing, lead the uni around (in the air) with your hips and the hand holding the handle.


ok so its esablished that 540’s are do-able but how about a 720 or a uni spin during a 360? (uni spin 360 diffrent to a 360 uni spin). So i think that would be where your body dose the 360 but the uni dose the 360 with you, plus another 180 so u land with it backward but still ride forwards. Im not sure if thats been tried or landed i’l have a go sometime this week an report back to you.

I remember seeing a video of Jacinto doing a 180-540 unispin. The uni went 540* and he went 180* aound it and ended up on the other side. It was incredible.


Dan Heaton does this same trick you described… I think he calls it a whipper snapper.


i find that the biggest reason why people can do 180s, but not 360s, is because its really easy to just kind of pivot 180 really quickly. like you can jump, and pretty much just twist your legs and spin 180. but for 360, your whole body has to go rather than just the lower body. so it takes a lot more flow from the body or something. very hard to explain. i find a 360 is a trick that will just come to you one day. thats what happened to me. good luck on the 540. very hard trick.


Found the link.



cheers tugboat, that actually makes a lot of sense!

I can do a 720°(kinda) on my trampoline(on the uni). and only a 360° so far on flat ground, but Ive never tried more than a 180° off of anything, and I never will because of fear of hurtnessness. Yu may be like f*** he can spin but I dance ALOT so…

On www.unicyclejester.com it has a short clip of Dan Heaton doing a 630 unispin.

Andy Schwarz of TCUC has done a 720 unispin. You can see it on One Wheel No Limit.

Recently I’ve landed 360 unispins on a 12" unicycle and on a 16" uni. Smaller wheels make this trick a bit easier. In fact I’ve seriously considering buying a 16 incher solely for the purpose of doing unispins on it!


I still haven’t seen anyone do a 360 from a static hop, has that been done?

I like many others can manage a 270 from static hop, with the remaining 90 on the gound.