540 unispins

hey bruthas… i was just wondering how common 540 unispins are. i can land em, and i know cody and spencer can, and some other people too, but how many of u Gangsters can drop that knowledge?

I cant yet but I am planning on learning soon, I need to get my freestyle uni up together, get treys down and get my gliding better though first.

See justin hes trying to land treys… kinda like what you should be doing. :slight_smile:
I havent really tried to land them and I kinda suck at landing new tricks but if i worked at it I might be able to eventually.

Finally! Someone who can spell bruthas correctly. You wouldnt believe how many people on here spell it “brothers”!

I can 540 unispin and trying treys. I wanna know if a 540 is harder then a trey and if more people can 540 then trey.

Okay I can drop that knowledge.


Uh, what were we talking about?

I can hit a 540 mount, just not the spin, havnt worked on it much, though I can treyflip easily.

Finally! Someone who can spell Grammar…
I’m working on 540s… I landed one the other day but havn’t landed any others since…

I think 540 unispins are easier, I can do both.

More people can 540 than tre because you don’t need to learn to flip first. Also there were a lot of people doing 540 unispins way before the normal flip was first landed.

How many people are doing 540 unispin drops :rollseyes:

How many people can do 540 unispin drops :roll_eyes:

I can 540 unispin my KH, and treyflip.(KH)

A huge thing that really helped me with my treyflips, if you cant get the unicycle cranks all the way around, plus this helps doing them off stuff, then when you go to treyflip, you lift the unicycle off the ground while flipping the cranks, the unicycle will be in the air longer, the cranks will get around, and by lifting it up, you place it right under you, then when you do them off something, you do the crankflip normal while moving faster, and just lift it up, and moving faster wont affect your cranks from flipping any slower.

I landed a 540 unispin a few weeks ago but like, my feet slipped off the pedals after I landed.

Then I hurt my ankle later and haven’t thought about them since…

i can 360 but i have no idea how to do a 540

oh, i was so confused.

i thought you guys were talking about how many people can 540 unispin compared to tre spin, so i was like, of course tre.