540 unispins

Wondering if anyone had any tips on 540 uni spins, i have 360s about once out of every 2 tries.

First you should probably get your 360 unispins better than 50%.

Yeah, get 360 unispins down 100%

definately, there is no way you will land a 540 when you can just land 360s. Don’t rush it, you seem to be asking about a new trick every week!

When you’re ready check this out, it might help you: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZgH9MDr_vXY

thats next to imposoble:p

I wouldn’t say so

I dont really have tips other than spin it harder and jump higher but here is a vid that might help.

kk kool, as soon as tomarrow, when i get home, after my lock in when my garage is dry ill practice 360’s untill i get them down, then 540’s.

How long did it take you to land your first 360 unispin?

man your avatar is weird i glimpse at it it looks like aface but when i look at it more it is a gridiron

it took me about a week of hard practice, but its snowing here, so i wont be able to go out for a couple of days, basement is being finished so a lot of screws out there, then my garage is always wet :angry:

if you are that hardcore you will be better than shaun johanneson by spring! (JK… but it is possible to get most of the tricks practicing like that)

as my sig says i had only been riding for five months all up when i landed my first. only 3 or so hours or so hours of practicing it to get it.one big help was lowering my tyre pressure. makes it soooo much easier

edit: damn that sounds braggy