540 Unispins by Guilherme Teles

I got 540 unispins yesterday and filmed yesterday.
They took me 7 tries to learn static and 30 minutes to learn rolling :smiley:


Sorry about the quality and the music the other choices I had I will use on other videos. The intention was just to show the trick.

Comment would help a lot! =)

Thank You for Watching!
Best Regards From Brazil!
Guilherme Teles

Nice man :smiley: You improves fast :smiley:

Your teacher is probably the most cool, beautiful, strong, perfect guy in the earth!

Continua assim :smiley:

Abraços :smiley:

Awesome. Makes me wanna go learn these now!

Thanks! You should go out and learn they are way cool!!


Thanks for helping
By the way maybe one they you will be stronger and more beautiful :smiley: :sunglasses:


good job, it seems like yesterday you were just learning 1spins!

Shit, how long have you been riding?! I still can’t rolling 5 spin afer like 3 months of being able to 5 spin, lol. And your rolling one was awesome coz you didn’t even stop before, I always have to do a short stand still before doing rolling unispins.

I have been riding since July.
That one was a bit sketchy yesterday I landed cleaners :smiley:
Before jumping compress your tyre it helps you to jump higher.

Crazy fast learning man…

Lol I still haven’t landed a static 5spin (not that i’ve really tried…)

To the guy above /\ :angry: :angry:
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I didint’t know that ! Thanks