540 unispin

I hadnt tried before but after I saw the 540 competition I thought I would give it a go. I spent 30 mins solid on it but that was all it took. I am so amazed with myself and happy that I landed it. Just want to share it with everyone.

well i dont really have much to say other than good job! thats awesome, i cant do 360’s but i might be able to with a bit of practice!, and good shinpads:p

Good job man. And in 30 minutes, sawweet.

Wow good job man. You have destroyed pretty much every trick comp there has been I think.

Nice! Its so weird! Because I dont know why I cany 360 because its only another 180 and the same looks like it for the 360 to 540…But awesome Job!


Great job!!! I’m realy impressed. i have been working on them for a while. Do you have any tips?

wow. great. i cant even unispin. (but im getting closer:))

Arn’t you cold?

Thanks, It was a solid 30 mins.

I wouldnt go as far as that. I am quite competative, as soon as theres a bit of competition I will normaly go all out.

Fear and comitment? I dont know I didnt find the step up from 180s to 360s and 360s to 540s that big, once you get the feel of the spin actuly landing them isnt much different.

Thanks, you need to get 360s. I cant make wunschkonzert because of my As exams :frowning:

Thanks, My only tips are stay out for a good sesion, dont keep coming in every few minutes. When you get hurt use it to focus yourself more so you dont get hurt again. Spin as hard as you can, practice the spin (and catching it) a few times, once you get the spin focus on the timing and snapping your feet back in and landing it.

After practicing for about 15 mins solid (trying it and getting straight back on to try it again) I soon warmed up.