540 unispin!

I landed my first 540 unispin today! :smiley:


That was pretty clean, too.

Nice job.

Sweet :)! looked pretty clean

It must be the shoes.

Did the seat bounce up and hit you in the face??? Nice work on getting it down, that looked really tight.

I like how you say Yeah! nice accent.

Congrats, like a lot of other people said, looked nice and clean :slight_smile:

How do you do it with your hands so far apart?

Thanks Pele ^^

Yes it was hard to get grip on the seat, i landed many times but didn’t get grip on the seat to jump again :stuck_out_tongue:

I’mtalking about the throw of the seat, not landing.

I was thinking about it…

I do five spins that way too. My hands are even farther apart tho. Is that way bad?

If you can 540 consistantly then I don’t see a problem with it.

But you’ll find things like treyflips easier with your hands in the middle of the seat. Same thing goes for fifths. So in the future you might want to work on getting your hands into the middle more.

haha i remember the first one… glad you got that down. now i need to get a chance to land one when im not completely loaded down with class.


just a note because i think you are from another country… it is spelled “earlier” not “earlyer”

I smacked my nose on the seat exactly the same way you did. I did it today and I got a nosebleed, my first one ever. I was trying rolling 5 spins and underspun it and somehow it bounced off the pedal and into my face. It really hurt lol.