540 Unispin

Sorry about the poor quality. My camera’s 10 years old. And it was a pretty wet and overcast day. Gives a cool sillouette effect though :P. I’ve only been riding 9 months so I’m pretty pleased. Music is trivium.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhr49cICTAI

nice job! I just got them recently too.

Thanks, I saw your video. It only took me 10 or 15 minutes of practise to land my first one.

Man… your lucky. Something prevents me from even landing 360’s. i get the spin and 2 feet on everytime but they seem to find a way to fall off. every time. makes me made. Good job on 540’s. i think im closer to them than 360s. im gonna go practice now. thanks for the motivation

Dude, it took me ages to get 360s! Staying over the unicycle is the key, if you don’t then every time you land on the pedals you will be leaning too far back and you’ll fall backwards. Well that’s what happened to me anyway. Try landing them seat in, it helps you stay over the unicycle.

540s feel the same as 360s to me except I jump higher/spin the unicycle faster. 180s and 360s feel way different.

Yeah… thats why i say im probably closer to 540s then 360s, cus i throw it way to hard, and cannot seem to throw it lightly =/ oh well

Your legs do exactly the same thing as mine do, one goes straight and one bends! Im so close to them right now.

Yeah it’s weird. lol I just do whatever feels right. Everyone seems to do it different. Some peoples legs go out heaps and some go up heaps. I think the camera angle makes my leg look more bent though. Good luck on 540s.

wow i have been putting them off since may when i twisted my ankle sideways but i am going to try to land one tonight… hopefully i will have the video up soon. Thanks for the motivation to go work on it again.

Sweet. Camera quality made it look cool.


You get excited whenever anyone uses a metal song in a video lol.

And the sillouette was kool, but the fact that the whole spin was only about 3 frames was not kool, lol. It just looks like a 360 to me, except you can tell the seat is it the opposite direction.

Nice job! Good tips on the 360! 540 in 9 months??? :thinking: :astonished:

I’ve been trying 360’s for 6 months:o

Yup, but I still can’t crankflip :(. And it’s 9 months since I actually rode a unicycle for the first time. I didn’t get pads and a trials unicycle till about 3 or 4 months after that :P. I can never be bothered practising new tricks so I usually just work on consistency lol.

I’ve hated unispins ever since I first tried the 360 unispin. All I ever got was close. I haven’t tried one since…haha.

I like that camera effect btw.

yeah I’ve kinda given up:o I just ride for fun and jump sets, and try to go big and forget about techy stuff cuz it just makes me mad:p