540 Unispin. Tips anyone?

I’ve searched the forum and did not find much at all.
I can land 360 unispins about 50% of the time, I will practice a bit more so I can get them about 80% of the time.

So what tips can you give me after I can do 360 unispins consistant?
Help appreciated.

You could try practicing

I am practicing…-_-
I hope you know what I mean by tips, if not please do not bother to post in this thread.

exactly like when you´re learning 720 unispin

try to land with one foot at first and get controll over the saddle, stop it in right time and lnd with ne foot, over and over again then ou try to put on the other foot, excuase me for the spelling, i´m to lazy to think of th right grama or such things :wink:

First of all it would help to be able to land 3spins like 90% of them time.You cant expect it to happen overnight either.Tips are jump higher,spin faster,learn to catch the seta well and aim for cranks

Think of the tips you got when going from a 180 to a 360.

Remember, repeat, practice.


You should have 3 spins 100% of the time. If you are ready to learn 5 spins, there is no reason you should be missing 3 spins. Except for the occasional miss… so 99.5%, but really who is counting.

As for tips:

• Practice the hand position and do some practice spins, just spinning the uni and catching it while you are not on it.

• Keep your hand in contact with the seat for as much of the spin as you can.

• Your non spinning hand will be doing most of the catching for 5 spins, but try to catch the front of the saddle with both hands.

• Jump higher.

• Spin faster.

• Learn from what is going wrong. If the uni is falling forward adjust the amount and angle of force in your spin.

• Commit.

Thanks, very helpful

Don’t forget Shaun’s tutorial on YouTube.