540 UNIspin Competition

O.K. I’ve seen quite a few trick competitions lately (who can land what trick first) and I did a search and couldn’t find one on 540 unispins…SO, I really want to learn them but have no motivation. If anyone wants to try…here is the place I guess. You cannot have landed them before. Also a little information would be nice…I.E.

Name: Levi
Unicycling for: 6 months
Other tricks: Crankflip, 360
Ice Cream: Vanilla

Got to post footage to when you land it, (btw I don’t know if I am doing this right if I am not please correct me. I am not sure if they should be rolling or not…can figure that out later I guess.

Im in, although I dont feel I will be very competative seeing as I havnt tried them and I have almost no free time now (I seem to get a huge amount of work for my A-levels and it takes up near enough all my time)

Name: Marcus
Unicycling for: about 11 months I think
Other tricks: too many to list
Ice Cream: Vanilla

Is there going to be a start date or like shal we just start as soon as we sign up?

I was going to start as soon as a few ppl signed up so how about monday the 19th? That should be enough time right?

I dont mind. I doubt I will be able to ride (for more than about 30 mins) untill our christmas break :frowning: I have way too much work to do, even at christmas its asumed that I will be revising most of the time seeing as I have a series of exams straight after I get back. I fear its going to be like this untill the finish of my two years doing A-levels :frowning: pretty depressing.

Name: Zachary
Unicycling for: A few years
Other tricks: Crankflip, 360
Ice Cream: Cookie dough!

I’m sick right now so I can’t practice but I 'll try when I can.

540s are tough…toughest trick i’ve ever landed. good luck with landing it. it’s all about balls. i lose them often and then get em back.

Name: Brian
Unicycling for: Somewhere around three years.
Other tricks: Crankflip, 360unispin, outflip, hickflip, others
Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked

I don’t have a video camera so it may take a while for me to get footage on it.

Man too often I am one step ahead of thes comps. Good luck kids, this trick beat me up pretty good.

Name: Terry (Uni Geezer)
Unicycling for: about 1.7 years
Other tricks: 180 unispin, Coker kick-up & suicide mount, Big ass drops and 7+ stair set jumps.
Ice Cream: (Alternate choice:) 7-layer chocolate cake!


Good luck kids, and old guy. Goin for the 5spin Terry?
good stuff.

mad for it its a stupid trick that i aint bloody landed yet so im gona nail it lol

most of my life
360 uni spins,few flip variations bit of flat and freestyle
white chocolate crunch

this is gonna be frickin ILL

Good Luck Terry. Why bother with the 360 when you can go for the 540? haha

Name: Cameron
Unicycling for: almost 2 years
Other tricks: 360 unispin,flip variations…
Ice cream: Crunchie:D

Haha, I forgot this was only a 540 comp! I was just reading the stuff each person was listing; name, how long unicycling, other tricks and fav ice cream. :slight_smile: , so I chimed in. But I actually barely landed a 360 on my torker lx 20.

So a 540 just requires a somewhat faster spin and a higher/wider jump off the pedals than a 360? Me thinks it’s prolly at least 50% mental to nail it…could this be true?:o

no, i’m thinking its 100 percent mental to LEARN it, the one time i have kicked down and caught the pedals… i barely landed it… the sketchiest thing i have ever done

i’ve never committed to learning it though, i’m in… that one was just a super lucky fluke.

other tricks: some freestyle, 360 unispin, no flips, jumping over a truck?
icecream… chocolate chip cookie dough FTW

Name: Matt
Unicycling for: A bit over a year
Other tricks: 360 unispin
Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip

I have wanted to land this trick for a long time and I was thinking about a comp for it to. I’ve tried them a bit and I was getting pretty close about a month ago (see one of the last clips in my vid that’s linked in my sig) but Ive barely ridden since then and I pretty much lost it all.

Hopefully this works out well.

I might practice it tonight seeing as how my plans for the evening just got wrecked.

I would say definitely not. There is a lot of technique and timing involved.

Good luck! I really want to get this trick but its really hard. I almost have the spin but the landing is impossible for me right now. Id rather just work on my flips.
Name: Tim
Riding: almost two years?
Other tricks: 360 unispin, crankflip, and a few other lame tricks
Ice Cream: Mint Chip right now

ya…i agree caus you really have to time when you bring your feet back in…at least for me, iv been tryin em since i got 360 [two weeks ago] but i think you deffinatly wanna commit to it