540 Unispin! - Brandon Nankivell - Unisykolist

Haven’t realeased much in a while. This will keep it going, I’ll have a video out maybe at the end of April. Anwayz 540 Unispin and I’m improving now so cool.
(I can’t upload my videos to vimeo because they stop uploading like 60% through GRRRRR! :angry: )


WATCH IN High Quality HQ


I like the K1 Shirt and the KH uni :stuck_out_tongue:



Very nice job!

yeah, good job

Pretty cool.
Looks like I’m going to practice 5-spins later today.

Nice. I still can’t fivespin w/o shin pads on :roll_eyes:

Very good!:smiley:

That was brave to do a 540 without shinguards!

If a thread was posted on the forum for the competition for who has the most pedal bite damage or the most scars on leg, I’m pretty sure I would be very high on the list.

My legs have just evolved into LEGS. OF. STEEL. No fear now, I don’t use leg armour much at all…

sketchy as all hell, but sweet! congrats
now do it again, and make it look crispy and easy :slight_smile:

Dealeo! In my next ViDEO! soz bit lame :o:p

nice. me and my friend just landed our first 360s about a week ago or so.

That was actually pretty sick. I liked it despite the crazy leg thing, it was very unique.

try waiting with vimeo. That helps with me.

Nice 5spin, improving really fast.