540 sidespin competition :)

I have seen so many comps lately but none of them fits to me cause either i have landed them or i’m not even close so i wanted to make one i might have a chance on and that i will try to land. So i have been trying to get the 540 sidespins for some time now so this is whats the competition is about :wink:


  1. You must not have landed a 540 sidespin before
  2. Must be on flat ground
  3. Must be 19" wheel or bigger
  4. Video proof needed
  5. Can be in-in, in-out, out-out, whatever you want
  6. Videos must be clear enough to see the trick
  7. The comp begins as soon as 3 people have entered

Anybody who wants to make the trophys?

now good luck landing one :wink:

im in! i can only just 360sidespin but nevermind!

i´m in too

I’m in :slight_smile:

i’m in

im in :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay so the competition has started now we just need the trophys anyone wanna make them?

I’m in too :slight_smile:

im in.

Trials !! BTW thats the main reason i dont do much street