540 on tire and 2.5 backrollflip :)

Ignore the BIU :stuck_out_tongue:

it says its been removed :frowning:

Yes i removed it because Youtube removed the music :frowning: putted it on Vimeo instead:

Wow, do you have one of them constant?
And the 5spin on tire looks fast.:stuck_out_tongue:

its two different clips… both took 2 trys :stuck_out_tongue:
and yes they are really fast because of my hand position :slight_smile:

Awesome! You made the 540 on tire look easy!

Actually it is pretty easy :stuck_out_tongue:

why: trial4ever flat4fun? you rock at flat!

Cus in his heart he’s a trial unicyclist but he couldnt ride trial the whole winter so he had to ride flat and became the best in Denmark over 1 winter xD

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, man :smiley: The 5 on wheel looked awesome.

But I think in your signature you were trying to quote Kevin McMullin, who said, “You won’t get hurt if you land it.”


thanks :slight_smile: that was Kevin? i will change that right away :stuck_out_tongue: