540 nosebleed spin

I was atempting on 540 unispins today and just ended up with a 540 nosebleed spin:p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BghEoWWlrj4

plz leave a comment here or on youtube :wink:

Well if you are allright, then that was the raddest clip I think i’ve seen. I’ve never had anything quiet like that happen. It was funny. Your 5spins look close too man, hopefully this doesn’t get you down for your next one, a fall like that is rare. lol

That’s keeping your nose to the grindstone …er…unicycle seat.

Well it really hurt… it still hurts but i didn’t cry if thats what u tought :stuck_out_tongue:

That was realy unlucky it all just hapend

Dam. I thought you invented a new trick or something :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve been hit in the chin a few times but yeah, thats a pretty uncommon bail.
Looking like you just need to spin it a bit faster and commit with the right foot.

Edit: I just remembered I’m taller then you so maybe getting hit like that is common lol.

Just what I didnt need to see for motivation… ohwel. Hard luck, your close!

that looked like it hurt! would have liked to see it in slomo, but oh well. You look close.

That should be your signature move! :slight_smile:

call it the kevin flip and i think you’re onto something there! also looks like the kinda street i can do…

Its no Flip :stuck_out_tongue: