540 Comp.

Is there anyone else that is feeling good enough with the 360 that its time to get the 540? Or anyone that just wants to try anyway?
It would be a usual comp, 19" or bigger, has to be on flat, cant have done it before, need proof… Seems 'bout right.

Anybody in?

I’m in, if you’re talking about hoptwists, not unispins. I probably won’t practice it much though.

Shoulds have made that more clear… Sorry… 540 unispin comp…

iam in

Ah, okay. I’m out then. :slight_smile:

What if we still didn’t landed the 360?:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in for sure! I’m so close to it! I just cant get both of my feet on the pedals! I will get it soon though :roll_eyes:

There is no skill level needed for this. If you havent done the 180, feel free to try.

I’m in.:slight_smile:

i need to show up sophia so i’ll join as well.

I’m in!:smiley:

I only learned 360’s a couple weeks ago but I’m in.

Ooh, i’m in.

I landed one static 540 unispin about 6 months ago, so can I join? I’ll be trying to do it rolling.

I would say you can participate for yourself if you want. Its a whole different thing though if you are just trying to do it rolling…

i’m in… landed almost both pedals but i am too lazy for practice^^ :roll_eyes:

Is it really harder rolling? Because I do them(I try) rolling, I might try it static if it’s easier:)

I’m in.

I keep entering 540 comps when they come up and then someone goes and wins before I’ve gotten anywhere and then I move on to something else.

My 3-spins to seat-in are almost 100%. To learn a 5-spin, I either have to get better at landing seat-out or I have to learn to throw the seat starting with it facing backwards.

I think it is easier rolling actually. The motion you use is better for staying over the uni. I do them static beacause I dont have the space to get ready for them rolling (small garage). I could be wrong though.

I suppose I’ll be in


I do all my spins rolling. It forces you to jump forwards just enough to stay over the unicycle on nearly every attempt.