540 bail...

Not impressed. Why show it once? Why not land it? You call that a bail? I’ll see if I still have some 540 bails on a tape somewhere when I get back to my camera.

im gonna post in this thread once i land it on tape, which i havent done yet, i know i can because i have, i just was seeing if the youtube thingy worked or not,

thats cool its still a bail dont know what this geez is on about but i see what he means aswell its always nice if you can post you landing the bail afterwards, neways i posted a response to it cos i have a very similar fall x

ya thinkin about it i should have just put this in the competition thread, sry guys

Common guys, it deseves a thread!!! Give the guy some credit for giving it a go. Why you guys being such kill joys? :roll_eyes:

Yeah sure it deserves a thread…He probably was working really hard on it…And now has landed it…Give him some slack.

That looked pretty painful…I have had that happen to me trying 360 unispins.


i have landed it…just not on film:( and its snowing today so i cant try anymore for a wile :angry:

give me your snow, please

IMO you should have shown it in slo-mo, or pref a bunch of bails, w/ a successfull 5 at the end.