54 year old

Where in NH you from, Michael, If you don’t mind me asking? I was born & raised in Sanbornton, 15min from Laconia…

RE: Letting the unicycle to go in UPD’s for beginners.

When I have taught people I have thrown the uni to the ground a couple of times to show them that it’s no big deal, nothing to be worried or concerned about.

Hi, Michael.

How are you getting on with your foray into the one-wheeled World?


Hey Michael, Welcome.
Your doing great. Good call on the try, and rest, and recover guys.
I’m 51 and have been riding more or less since I was 16.
The feedback is excellent. Gotta build the little helper muscles too, then let em recover.
All I can say is “Weight Distribution” is everything. Well mostly. Cut the wheel into quarters…below horizontal keeps it under you, above horizontal is for adjustments. Same with vertical ahead and behind…weight distribution. Keep us informed.

training area

This was my training area for the first period (in April this year) - made with a ladder and some gaffa:

Love the mobile chicken obsticle course, I thru a beachball at my son to teach him, Built concentration, funny stuff.

After about two weeks of daily practice, I switched to a parking lot with support only for mounting. On the first day I made some 30 m rides and within a week I could ride 150 m. :slight_smile:

A certain level of distraction might actually help the learning process: It can prevent you from being overly concentrated and help you getting used to disturbances around you.

There is a horse trail just beside the road I used after I “upgraded” from the parking lot. This means that I often have had riders next to me - sometimes even large groups of riders. Especially in the beginning, this was quite challenging. (And has given a lot of comments… :))