52cm jump

A very short clip of me beating my own Jump hight record. (52cm - youtube title incorect)

nice jump!

i think you can jump higher! lol

you did the 52 cm very easy!

-Raphael Pöham

Good job…Yeah you could have gone bigger…also you should do SIF…

My buddy went from 45cm when he did SI and now he can do 50cm SIF…It helps.


i’m sure you can jump higher.

i jump 60cm seat in
in the next time i want to do more sif :slight_smile:

I need more pallets haha! :smiley:


Dude you could easily go bigger, but congrats on getting 52cm. Now double it doing SIF :smiley:

The main reason I didn’t do this ages ago is because I get metal blocks, I hate them so dam much. :o -hence all the failed atempts. (which were kept in the fit with the music, by the time the arial shot was filmed it was almost 88%)

Yeah, I don’t much like metal blocks either.

I wonder if anybody does?

But then the pressure will be on and I’m garenteed to pull an abb muscle or somthing like that :stuck_out_tongue: But true, there needs to be another london ride.

I think most people prefer wood blocks.

oh now I get it, your very fussy :roll_eyes: i ment mental blocks

I’m up for that.

I may be up for that, but as long as people know their way around london, knw that we wont be mugged, and as long as there’s somebody to meet me at liverpool st. station.

I realy do not know london very well, and I’m currntly going to try and fix a ankle problem. But it is a possibility. Although 10th feb is too short i feel for a big meet.

im up for the 10th because its on a sunday and i dnt have to get the day off work, and if the bikers are there then they will know were they r going, we can follow lol, amanda make a new thread, coz then more people will look at it and then hopefully encourage more riders too tag along. like jamessd said we wont be mugged off, considering we would be coming 56 miles, we would want to meet some one who nows there way around to meet us at liverpool street station.

yer once again sorry for the thread jack JD, we will be moving on shortly :smiley:
O and nice hop by the way, try SIF hops, you soon get used to em, and ull be hopping 2X as high before u know it!!!

Your all forgiven for your thread jacks, as soon as you buy me an ice tea in London

don’t tell people how to ride, they won’t listen. just because a lot of ppl do that, it doesn’t mean everyone should or can. Ride your style, don’t push for someone else’s.

and one more thing
have FUN while you’re at it.