51cm SideHop

Here is a real record for me because it is a stait edge. It is 51cm and it is 3 pallets and little box on top.

I felt like it wasnt too hard if its not rain tommorow im going to try even more.



Nice! good job!

My old record was 50 cm but I tried the other day and got 63.5. I have it on video to http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=mattvandermeulen if you wanna see.

And is that SIF?

Thanks, Good job on your new record…And yes thats SIF.

cool! It’s nice to see that you keep improving. Just keep going up little by little, and you’ll be surprised at how high you can get up.

Put a lot more 'Oomph!" into that prehop and youll be getting up 4 pallets and higher pretty easily.

Keep it up.

are you SIF? cause if u are just flex those knees abit more and u’ll be go higher in no time.

nice jump though

My best static hop so far is 25" too but I did that SIF. I think my highest hop is about 33" rolling though.

Thanks for the Advice everyone and yes i am doing that SIF. Next week I will be practicing that again.

im mostly SI when I do jumping, Yea, jam that wheel down before you jump up, How do you jump higher rolling, then SIF/SI static jumping? Is there a technique for jumping higher rolling???

Garr you make it look like the uni has no weight! Looks so easy but most I can do is like 35cm :frowning:

Thanks…just keep practicing.

Good job, I’ve been using you to better myself. James Potter and I both did 61 cm. yesterday, so you need to catch up.:slight_smile: We side hopped it SIF, and rolling. Good luck and thanks.

I know what you mean:o

Ohh good job on your 61cm. I want to be able to do that pretty soon. I will just keep practicing so hope fully in a few months maybe? :slight_smile:

Is that a good thing?

Not really. At least not for me:p

why whats that mean?

He was saying everyone can jump high, except him. I quoted and said I know how he feels. That means I cant jump high too

Oh i see

Yes, it got complicated:D

But today I thought up something, while watching the FLUCK videos. I’m going to put some boards on my pallets to lose the gaps between the boards already on. That way I can hop up on the long side. And that, I hope, will help with my mental block:D

It’s just a matter of time now, till i get to 51cm :stuck_out_tongue: