Is the Toker TX really 50lbs

No, it’s actually 500lb… :astonished:

I was actually looking for help not a joke :astonished:

No, look on UDC.

I’m sorry, I just had to say it.
As for the help part - I don’t know, sorry again.
I suppose if it says it’s 50lb in the specifications than it has to weigh somewhere round there… My unicycle weighs one kilo more than they said it would. Still light though.

Edit: No wait, it’s actually half a kilo lighter, just checked!!! Wicked!

they must mean 50 kilograms

what is UDC?

I think that’s “shipping weight”, not actual weight. Probably a misprint also unless the box and packing material weighs a lot! just call udc if it’s a big concern-they’d be able to tell you the actual poundage of the TX.

what is UDC?


I have gift cards to use at amazon and I don’t think UDC is cheaper or has free shipping or will take amazon.com GCs

Just, to annoy everyone once more.
What’s 50lbs in kilos?
I thought it was too light at first, but apparently it’s too heavy…

I’m saying you can call udc and find out the actual weight. you don’t have to buy from them.

that would be 110 lbs :astonished:

it is not that heavy. my LBS(local bike shop) has one, and I was riding it around. at most it’s 17 pounds.

wow, that’s awkward(and hefty too!)…

edit: do you think I should get one? I’d call it ‘The Juggernaut’!

not 110 kilos I meant 110lbs

what, do you mean like 50 lbs is actually 110 lbs? I don’t get it…

I’m confused.

anyway, it weighs like 17 pounds!!!