500mm+ Miyata/Torker Seatpost?

On my Street/Trials cycle, I have a frame that has almost all of the tube above the crown sawed off, but I cant raise my saddle to fit my ever growing height. I need at least a 500mm seatpost, and dont want to cough up a ton for a rail adapeter, because I dont need it. Anyone wanna make me one for cheap or tell me where to get one?

You need a high seat for street/trials?
I’m pretty tall, and the 400mm seatpost is just fine.

What do you mean by “almost all of the tube above the crown is sawed off”?

he probably bought the unicycle used and it was used by a kid that was to small for the uni, or someone did it to shave weight

It used to be Evan’s and he cut the neck piece down to try to learn real seatwhips and crankflips, neither happened.

You havnt seen my street video yet.

would one of those seat post extender things work?

well either way, 500mm is huge! I wouldn’t go bigger than 400mm…in fact ive only ever seen seatposts in up to 400mm :stuck_out_tongue:

it says that this one is available in 700mm.


Notice, though, that it is not an option to add the 700mm one to your cart.

I think I forgot to mention it needs to be 22.2mm dia.

okay then.


but you still can’t get the 700mm seat post? thats a long seat post

the 700mm would be useful for an adult trying to ride a 12" unicycle or something.