$500 and a Muni-shaped hole burning in my wallet

I have $500.00 (not an excessive amount, I know, but enough?)

What Muni combo should I (a Muni novice) get?
5 feet 6 inches 130 pounds?

Seat, post, hub, cranks, tire, rim, pedals, the works?

Your opinions will be greatly appreciated!

Assuming you don’t want to remain a novice, it’s better to aim for more unicycle than you currently need, knowing that your commitment and practice will help you grow into it. Then you’re not buying something only to want to sell it and buy something better a year later. That, at least, was my theory in shelling out 4-digits for a Hunter/Profile setup which will always be a better unicycle than I will be a unicycle rider.

The good news is, a serious muni no longer carries a 4-digit price tag. If you have $500 and can somehow scrape together another $20 (plus tax and shipping), I think it would be hard to beat the new KH Freeride.

I love my '05 KH muni, which goes for US$520 on udc, and about the same from bedford (depending on exchange rate or how Darren prices them for US customers). It has pretty much the best components available on it w/o spending much much more.

I’m only speculating here, but you may be able to get a better deal, than listed, on the XC version as those have not been selling as well and they may have too much inventory. That might be a good choice depending on the terrain you’re going to ride on. It’s lighter than the freeride, so if you are not going to be doing a lot of drops, hopping, or other trials type stuff on the trail, it’s a better choice.

A KH unicycle will not let you down.

I would go with the KH XC24 I think the whole 24x3 gazz fad should be wrapping up around now and while fat tires are good sometimes they also add alot of weight and make manuvering on not so crazy trails harder.

You guys are great. Thanks so munch!
How important /desirable is a brake for MunI?

You don’t need one if you’re a novice, but you may want to upgrade to one at a later date. Some people even say it’s a bad idea to learn with a brake, as you don’t learn such good wheel control.

If you’ve got the choice, it’s probably a good idea to get a unicycle like a KH or Onza muni, with brake mounts so you can upgrade later if you need to.


500 could nearly get you two!
My birthday is shortly after christmas if you were wondering what to do with your second one.

I donate all extra unis to the Memphis Unicycle Club!

The Torker DX is pretty nice. It’s actually has a rim that can take a 3" tire. For under $300.

yes and i have it(the 20" version) its a great unicycle… but i dont think the frame will take the 24x3’’ tire

If you have the $$, I would vote KH Freeride. Mine is almost here :smiley:

it’s got a slightly wider rim, possibly stronger crankset (I don’t know about this, but I suspect the KH is better quality than the Torker for some reason :wink: ), comfier seat, and removable saddle cover in case you decide to go air or anything like that.

Yes, it DOES take a 24x3, and it has for over a YEAR.

It seems to me that KH is a better product then Torker.

I own a Torker and I love it…this is just what Ive been hearing

Whooo Hooo!!

A 24" KH XC is on it’s way to central PA!!

Thanks folks, for helping me decide confidently!

Way to go! Congratulations on your soon-to-be new KH. I look forward to a post on your inaugural ride.

Congrats also on making up your mind so quick. I over-analyzed before buying my muni, although this forum was very helpful in giving me lots of feedback on the different models that I was considering. As a result, I made the right decision at the time, and have had no regrets.

Why is there a $6 difference between the Freeride and the XC?

Thanks, TomBlackwood!
This is an early Christmas present to myself, and I want to get in some good riding before the sludge gets too thick on the trails, so decisiveness was of the order!

Thanks for your suggestions, and I’ll be sure to post on my first ride. I’ll get my kid to take some pics of me feelin’ fine on my new wheel!

Should it be more or less?

podzol that sounds great.

MUni is fun (well, the ‘pretend’ MUni that I do). People off road are more friendly than those encountered on the pavement and the scenery is usually nicer. And the MUni itself is fab - like a tank compared to road uni.

I’m getting a new uni too. From hubby for my b’day. We thought it would be a sensible and fitting pressie for my 40th.
I’m getting an onza trials, so that I can pretend I can do that stuff. The onza is the best choice for me cos I have an onza muni which I love to bits. So there was no contest really.