50 Meter (164 Foot) Coast Competition

Ok I need some motivation to do this, so…


  1. Must be coast with no foot contact with any part of the wheel or cranks

  2. Cannot have coasted 50 meters ever before

  3. Must be at least 50 meters from when the coast starts to riding out of it

  4. On either 19" trials or 20" freestyle unicycle

Edit: Trophy coming soon

I would suggest 50 meters. You can probably find that measured on most running tracks.

sounds good:)

and just in case it wasn’t clear, it must be ridden out of

I am in.

Can it be on a (slight) downhill?

it can be on a huge downhill if you really want

But I’ve already done 50m on a 20". Can’t I enter on my Coker?

What!?!?!? Of course not, its much easier on a Coker


What are you talking about?

Beatcha to it, Michael

I’m in



well do you think you can get the trophy?


I wanna try this. It shouldn’t be hard since I’m pretty much there. But does it have to be ridden out of. Please say no because I suck at that and I don’t see the point of it.


Doesnt seem you mentioned no brake, but Im new here and cant coast anyway.
But I could coast on a bike but not without any brake
Sounds sick but how do you know if someone has coasted that long before

If you use a brake I wouldn’t consider it coasting. The idea is the wheel rolls free with no contact. Using a brake would be a form of gliding, though I would consider it different from regular gliding with your foot. It probably needs its own name, like Brake Glide.

Emile.m, Though I haven’t been around France much, I have been around Germany a lot, plus various other countries, and I’ve seen gyms in every possible shape and size. Even basketball courts will get shrunken to fit a small gym (in schools) so don’t believe a basketball court unless you know it’s regulation size!

A relatively simple way to measure, though not super-accurate, is to find out the roll-out of your wheel. Measure that several times, preferrably while you are on the unicycle. Multiply that out to find 50m. Then add a revolition or two extra to be sure.

Like I said Im new to this sport but in 2 wheeled sports (Motorcycle stunting, Bicycling) brakes are allowed for coasters just no accelerating.

It would deff be much easier with a brake

thats why gliding is easier lol :smiley: