5 x 26 inch muni

5 x 26 inch muni riders having fun in the Netherlands near Venlo.
Yes we do have some hills in the Netherlands :slight_smile:

I hoped to see real fatty 26er :wink:
But you are lucky to have something more… uni buds :slight_smile:
Terrain looks similar to our forests in Krakow.

Ha. I wasn’t the only one expecting a humungous tyre :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:
Great video guys. :slight_smile: Some really neat, in control riding going on there. It looked really steep in places as well. You’re having fun. Wish I was brave enough to try stuff like that. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.

So did I …

Yes. That must be nice :o

Best regards,

HA! Me too…

I wish I could find more forest terrain round here, you guys looked like you were loving it :smiley: I know it exists I just don’t know where…

Off topic… :wink:

Piece Maker :slight_smile: has anyone mentioned this Facebook Group.

I think there are a few cyclists in the Manchester area. There is a ride planned for Blackpool prom tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m not used to seeing muni riders with no helmets. It scares me.

Looked like fun riding.

Well done René

Nice video René, will join you next time!