5 Wheel Giraffe, Zig-Zag Giraffe

Hello all,

As i am emigrating soon, i have to get rid of a few of my unicycles which i have collected over the years.

I have a beautiful 10 foot, 5 wheeled giraffe unicycle and a 6 foot Zig-Zag giraffe unicycle (bit like a normal straight up giraffe but goes up from the wheel to a 60 degree angle, then to another angle and up to the saddle, using multiple chains) up for sale to any reasonable offers. Specially made by D.M.Engineering and very rare. In excellent condition and wonderful show pieces, which will stop a crowd dead!

The uni’s are currently on the isle of wight, you could come and collect from the island, have them shipped or collect from my work place which is in bournemouth.

I am open to any questions.


Any Pics.Sounds Good

What sort of price are you looking???


I’m interested i live in Bournemouth (well poole) so I can collect very easily.
I’m waiting for pictures first though :slight_smile:

Also, its you selling the kangaroo/ square uni on ebay isn’t it? I’m also interested in that :slight_smile:


The marks on the tyres you can see in the pictures is just plaster dust from my garage. The tyres are in very good condition.

WOW, they are awesome.

:astonished: Yes they are and that zig-zag unicycle looks insane. :astonished:

awesome unis…i have an 8 foot zig zag…its pretty cool.

How does the zigzag not break? There so much torque on the joints !!!

I too would like to know such


The zig-zag has been professionally enginerred using high grade aircraft tubing, so it can easily take adult weight and not bend or give in any way.

WOW! I love seeing gems like this in the trading post.

yeah, me too

Tell us what a reasonable offer for these would be. Im intersted but don’t have much money to spend at the moment.
If I did buy them/one I could collect from bournemouth…

I can understand why you want people to offer but my offer would be err… silly to start with. So if no one else offers please give me a ruff figure. Ta.

It sold on e-bay, it hit £225

hi mate i have left you a PM

Hi, Do you still have your two unicycle’s for sell.

Would like to know if you still have your two unicycles for sell and if so if I make you a offer can you ship to the USA.
Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you. tj

Just wondering about zig zag

I dont think I can buy one know but for future knowledge I would like to know where you got it in the first place and where I might be able to find some videos of people riding it if possible.

These unicycles are no longer for sale, i have taken them with me!

They were both special orders from DM engineering, who are no longer trading. These bikes are quite rare but i am sure if you do some digging on the net you can find some videos.

Custom unicycles

What kind of unicycles does dm engineering produce now-a-days and can someone give me a URL so i can check them out. Also I was wondering how much a 3 inch wheel unicycle from the unicycle factory would cost (if they do because they had a picture of one so I am assuming they make them). Also I am wondering what other kinds of cool and crazy unicycles there are (and maybe where they are available too)

I believe DM are no longer making unicycles, as of years back.