5 weeks until NAUCC

Opening day for the North American Unicycle Convention and Championships will soon be here. For those of you planning to make the trip to Memphis, be sure to check out the information on our NAUCC website.

If you have questions about your trip to Memphis and traveling around the area, you can contact Richard Wertz for information.

If you have questions about NAUCC, you can contact Tommy Thompson for information.

If you have questions about or suggestions for the website also contact Richard.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Memphis starting on June 30.


And still plenty of time to donate. Tommy is supposed to have a donate button somewhere but I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone knows its location, please post it.

We’re going to Graceland, Graceland, in Memphis Tennessee…

…With our wheels ten feet over Beale…

I just sent our web master extraordinaire an e-mail requesting a link to our Paypal account: mucstuff@memphisunicycle.com for those of you fine folks who want to help us to present an incredible NAUCC. That was a good heads-up, Harper! (Thanks for the reminder.)

John is right, this place, the entire place, is Graceland!


Do I need to mail a check with my registration form or can I pay cash when I get there?

Me and my whole family will be there, and maybe some of the other locals.

You can pay at the door but competitor registration will be more expensive. Be sure to download the registration form from the NAUCC website. It explains the fees.

You can still register by mail until June 3. After June 3, you will have to register at the door. If you want a T-shirt, it must be ordered by June 3.

Looking forward to seeing you in Memphis again.


Yay! I’m going!

The magic “Donate” button has been found. Visit the Memphis Unicycle Club main web page. Under the bright red letters which read “NAUCC is Coming” is the button in question. Click the “Make a Donation” button and you can make a donation through PayPal to the Memphis Unicycle Club to help offset NAUCC expenses.

do you need to register if you won’t be competing in anything?

You are going to be traveling a long way. See you in Memphis.

If you pre-register, you definitely will save some cash. Even if you’re not competing, you help out the organizers by letting them plan the non-competitor events better by knowing the correct number of participants.

Brian, if you plan on getting on a unicycle at any of the NAUCC venues, you do need to register as a non-competitor. Insurance reasons…


is there a lot of youth at naucc?

From all the pictures I’ve seen of years past, there is.

However, there doesn’t seem as many people on the forums that go to NAUCC’s. Every year the forums are ablaze with people going to Moab munifest, but not so much about NAUCC. And there’s 2 times more people going to NAUCC.

A reminder to all, the next registration deadline is coming up. Competitor registration postmarked by June 3 is $90 US.

After June 3, you will have to register at the door and competitor registration will be $110 US.

Also, if you want a NAUCC T-shirt, you must place your order by June 3.

Download the registration form from the NAUCC website for details.



Connie is right (as always) regarding the registration. If you are not going to compete I suggest that you register as a “non-competitor.” How could you possibly go all week and NOT get on a unicycle? Impossible!

Also, another question from above, you can register at the door but it will be more expensive.


I wanna go but I don’t think I can afford it haha.

Tommy, I plan on doing a lot of filming at NAUCC. I will be doing plenty of riding and filming, I plan to attend all of the coolest stuff, but I don’t want to compete in it.

What I think would be cool is that I could compile a 10-15 minute video of the weeks events (minus the last day) and present that video to people on the last day at a convenient time/place (perhaps in or around the final dinner/closing ceremonies?) (not sure of your schedule/facilities)

  • This will be hastily edited, but many of the clips will be in Inner Balance, my next movie…and it will indeed be edited ‘enough’!

It would be NAUCC 2006 footage at NAUCC 2006

Looking at your schedule of events, I may have to make a NAUCC 2006 DVD on it’s own!

edit: I’ll be driving there, so I will bring my UW36

im going. it sounds like a good time!

Wow, cool! I have to see that…

And, we won’t be able to be there on the last day. Are we going to miss a lot?

let me verify this…present…an on screen presentation, not something to bring home with you