5 Trixx


I made a short vid. Hope you enjoy it.

i liked the handrail most, it looked pretty cool :roll_eyes:
keep those grinds up;)

nice grind!! and awesome standupgliding :astonished: :astonished:

keep it up!

Wow, really impressive! Standupglide was sick :D!

Nice job!

the riding was fine… the music made me want to kill babies



Nice video. Sweet tricks. Impressed with the stand up glide, and way to get after that rail.

Nice cranks ;).

Hi Niles!!!
This year we missed you in the EMM at Madrid!!! I love your tricks! :slight_smile:
This year in the EMM we won the video contest, watch this and say if you like my edition [Video contest EMM] Whynot VX team


Thanks for your comments. I made a cellphone edition of the vid too. I trained the handrail without risk with stairs at a beach.

There are streetriders older than me.

Nice idea you had. Moments are perfect but oversized. My experiment was to far one is awry now :slight_smile:

I’ve got a new job, so I wasn’t able to plan holidays. Nice vid you made.
regards Niels