5 speed 20" uni for trade

this is a very custom uni, it still needs work, its as i got it. Its a bit crude, but a lot of time went into this uni. I’ll trade it for a nice 20" freestyle uni like a nimbus x or something nice like that.





I have a uni that I named Frankenstein, because I thought the name appropos.

I think this one would fit the moniker better.

What’s the price in dollars?

really looking for a trade of some sort, i’m not sure how to price a work of art like this. Its not a nice factory uni, but on the otherhand a lot of time and effort went into building this and its very unique. I guess i’m open to offers pm me an offer and if it seems reasonable I may take it. I think its worthy of a trade for a good used high quality 20" freestyle uni in the 200-300 range.

I hope you get a good trade, but in the mean time can you explain how this puppy works and how it rides?

I think I saw this on craigslist a while back. Is the thing actually rideable, and do the gears actually work? I may be interested in trading my Nimbus X Freestyle for it…

in its current condition its not ridable, it needs a few bolts and some springs from the looks of it. how it works is the biggest sprocket turns the top small sprocket only, its a little more than 3 turns of the top sprocket to 1 turn of the bottom one, it has a fixed gear on the wheel, and a stepped 5 gear set with a derailer. and levers to change gears under the seat. I guess the best way to think about it is the ten speed big crank sprocket turns a small spocket for a 3 to 1 advantage, the other end of that shaft has the sprocket set from a 10 speed wheel, and at the wheel is a fixed gear that looks like the small crank gear from a ten speed. the derailer and tensioner need work, the chain pops off, but i see its missing a spring which would get rid of the slack on the chain. If you want to trade pm me and show me a pic of what you have.

Sorry, but I’m going to have to pass. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the know-how to get that thing working.

still have, i’ll entertain any offer or interesting trade

Where are you located? Local trades are easier than shipping.

detroit area

Bummer, I’m in the Seattle area. I really groove on unique stuff and that’s definately unique. Will you be at NAUCC this year?

i can ship, but i’m not going to the nationals this year.

What are the effective wheel sizes when on different gears?

crank sprocket has 48 teeth that goes to a 14 tooth gear which makes it turn 3.43 times for every one revolution of the crank. that steped gear goes from 14 teeth to 28 teeth to a 40 tooth sprocket at the wheel. if i figured it right final drive ratio goes from 2.4 to 1 down to 1.2 to 1 on a 20 inch wheel. which would make it the same as a 24" to a 48" wheel. this thing should haul ass if my calculations are correct.

wow i’m almost wanting to keep it now, a 20" uni that will go as fast as a 48" uni, now thats super impressive. You can go long distance with a 20" tire, and keep up with everyone riding 36"-40"ers, and even go faster than them.

But a 20" wheel doesn’t roll over stuff as well as a larger tire does.

Just something to keep in mind when considering gunis…

I’d say get it working, play with it and then try to sell /trade it… Easier to sell if you can show it working… Then you can tell people just how fast it really goes.



I’m really tempted just because it’s so damn cool and I kinda like engineering projects, but I wouldn’t pay anywhere near $200 for it with it in an unfinished/untested/unridable state.

I agree, the cool factor is pretty high on this one along the lines of Rube Goldberg or even Dr. Seuss but if it doesn’t actually ride then it’s all theory.

If it can be made ridable then I estimate the interest will exponentially increase.

Just out of curiosity, how much does it weigh?