5 set

i cleared my first one today. it was on a none spined uni and i landed first time then crached then landed the other two time and stoped because i was a fraid to break my uni. i have a few questions. one why do people get a rolling start? I didn’t and cleared it. two is should i stop jumping 5 sets with a non slined hub?

also the only other thing set i have cleared was a three set and smaller. i am so proud.

Depends on your jumping style, I like to clear sets by doing static sidehops, but I can aslo do them rolling, I just prefer the static hop better.

If your doing a good roll-out your uni should still hold up pretty fine.

I think they do a rolling start to have a higher chance no to smash the uni on the stairs and also it looks much cooler and smoothier

yeah they look better. and feel better.

i really great rool outs. next time i am at my cousions house with my uni i will try it rolling and see if i like it better

I normally go static and then turn mid air to land rolling. However for me static does not mean no flow, but rather just before you point of lift off you are still, with maybe a prehop.

As far as non-splined, I would not try many more drops. There are other things you can work on without busting your uni. Once you get splined then you have the skill to land the drops, even without much practice.

… I landed my first 7 set today! (I actually only cleared 6 and clipped the edge of the 7th on my landing)

i have done 6 stairs, and the highest drop on my non splined uni was about 7 feet and it didnt break. just roll out of it…

also, by saying it didnt break i mean that it didnt snap…my hub is a little twisted and my left crank comes loose alot. but that is after repetitive abuse.

ive jumped a set of 6 on my none splined uni heaps and heaps of times, i do a rolling hop which usually means a good roll out. i havent had anything wrong with my uni from doing that.

cheers, keep it wheel.

haha! i bent the crap out of my non splined uni off my first 4 stair ( static to static hard landing)

now i could probably do a 8 stair
i can’t find anything bigger than a 4 stair around here
but i can land about 4 ft in front of the 4 stair

i think most people can do a larger set rolling. at least with practice, i know i can.

One: Rolling hops look cooler and are more fun to do (in my opinion), and depending on your abilities may help you jump further.

Two: It’s probably best not to risk breaking your current unicycle. If you plan on going bigger then I say get a splined unicycle now so that you don’t ruin the one you already have.

Also, if you get a new one then you can lend your current one out to friends to get them to join the sport.

Good job on clearing your first 5 set lucky_8 !

When I’m going to roll out of drops I find it useful to lower my leading foot, slightly.
It might only be 30 or 40 degrees but when you land your weight is really transfered to your leading foot and you almost automatically roll out.

As for rolling hops, get to work on them straight away!
They’re t’ future!


i cleared my first 5 set on Friday!!! my school has five sets and ledges that are freaking built too uni on. (lol then after like 3 minutes I got busted and had to go home:) )

ph yea, I pedalled really fast and did a rolling hop.

first : Rolling has flow
2: static over stairs looks retarded
3:go clear and 8 static and come see me after
4: it helps alot with the impact

Rolling is better once you get up to 7 sets and beyond. I could clear all of the sets I’ve done static, (up to a 7 set on which I bent my KH cranks) but it would probably like break my hub. Or me. Plus, it’s really gonna be hard to trick a set when you’re clearing it static.

The only application I can really see for static stair clearing is trials, where you have to drop-gap something that may not even be a stair set. For street, though, it isn’t really worth it.

Good job though. I love clearing sets, and if you can do it static you can definitely clear it rolling. So, that’s what I would suggest working on.