5 pallets, want higher

Ok, i can steadly jump up 5 pallets, i might be able to do 6, I was wondering if anyone who can jump higher can look at this clip and tell me if im doin anything wrong or need to do better. It may not look it but its 25in, wierd camera angle.

5 pallets

A: Wear a helmet.

B: Practice, maybe only have 1-2" increases in height, rather than 5-6". It looks like you could’ve cleared 26 or 27" witht hat hop.

C: Tuck more.

D: Wear a frickin’ helmet.

E: Get a trials uni.

F. stop using .mov for clips

i don’t think wearing a helmet would help him jump higher

I don’t think that’s gerble’s point. The point is you should wear a helmet.

But anyway.

Instead of gaining height pallet by pallet, try putting a 2x4 on the edge of the stack of pallets, to only add 1.5 inches. then when you can get that, add another 2x4. do that until the 2x4’s add up to the height of another pallet, and you can just put another pallet on there and continue with 2x4’s after that.


Even 1X4’s if you have to.

  1. I hate helmets.
  2. I didnt tuck too much cause well, its not that high.
  3. when i up and use 2x4s they tend roll on my, that sucks
  4. thanks for hte imput

I was more wondering if you could see if i was doing anything wrong…

Edit: ohh about hte mov. files, my still camera and my friends still takes clips and makes em in that format, and the good camera was at his house.

ok, but the question wasn’t ’ how do i protect my head?’ it was how do i jump higher?

Yeah, but helmets are IMPORTANT in unicycling. VERY important. They’re important in many sports, unicycling included. Gerble was trying to be helpful is all… If he hadn’t mentioned it yet, I would have.

Thats just stupid but I won’t bother.

I think that shows pretty clearly what your problem is. Tuck more to get higher. Not to difficult.

Put them under your pallets, same height but they don’t roll.

Basically its just practise, practise, practise. I raised my hop 6" in a few weeks by just practising. If all these quote things work I’ll be happy.

Good Luck,

You’re welcome.

I didnt think to put hte 2x4s on the bottom, big duh on my part. As for the helmets, i just find them very uncomfortable,(sp?) I just dont like em, they’re big annoying and heavy. I usually wear a hat backwards cause the bill has stoped me from hitin the back o my head many times, i only hit the back…

Edit: ohh yeah, and ive never really needed a helmet, ive been knocked unconcius many times only one in which i was doin a sport(I was jumpin my mountain bike, but i had a helmet, i wear one for jumps.) most my concusions are stupid crap, my old kidapolt, fell outa a grocery cart when my bro was playin with the handle, Wen my bro slmmed me on my head for accedantally steeping on his cats tail, falling outa bed…

I don’t care. My statement stands.

“I didn’t tuck much because, well, it’s not that high.”

I don’t see why your lack of tuck on a small hop means you will tuck better on a big hop. Anyone can not tuck on a small hop, very few can tuck and land a big hop.

If it’s not that high and you have it so well, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have 27 or 30". Of course you weren’t doing anything wrong, you landed it! You are the best at analyzing your technique, and you will know why you missed a hop before your pedal even hits the object. If you land it, don’t ask questions about things done wrong. Something far more helpful is a video of a hop you missed completey or just barely. Basically, you know you did everything perfectly when you land a hop in a stillstand with about 1" of tire hanging off the ledge and the tire hits your butt. Landing a a big hop in the way I described is extremely difficult but easier on a trials uni. This is not something achieved by asking others, rather you will get it by practice. If you land in an inferior way, rather wasting time posting a video and questions, think about what happened when you landed and how it would feel to do it differently.

On top of all of this, though, I think a 24", precise, smoothe, no-prehop hop is far more useful than a crappy 34" prehopped jump. You’ll encounter far more lines requiring 2’ precise hops than gigantic boring hops. For example, I can do 34", but on a ride I’m far more likely to just use a pedalgrab and get to the more interesting parts of the line. I rarely see an interesting line involving a 32" sidehop. My point is maybe you might want to preactice some variations on the hop you already have rather than just focusing on pure height.

I was lookin for advise on gettin higher, like if you could telll from my hop why i cant get much higher, I like big hops cause you can get to higher obstacles, you can crank climb higher things, yeah its not near as important as say, just workin on lines, I just want to be able to jump high, not sure why, just a good 7 pallets and im good.

Yes, I can tell why you aren’t getting much higher–You aren’t tucking. But you seem to think a justification will change the facts, so whatever.

It’s extremely rare to see people crank grabbing large ledges. Your time would be well spent learning pedalgrabs.

I will assure you that you won’t make 7 palletes within the next year if you continue to advance in increments of 5". Once you get above 30", an additional 2" increase in height becomes a big deal.

May I nudge you towards a thread I just started “3 Cheers for Kris Holm and Bell helmets”

Up until today I’ve never “needed a helmet” whilst unicycling. However due to the fact that I was wearing a helmet I am here typing this (Albeit one handed). Wear a helmet when unicycling.

Take a look at KH side-hopping up the wall in Unizaba. He’s doing about what you are. You can observe his body position and learn a lot from that. They do it at full speed and also in slow motion.

Not the pyramid, but the one in town where they added some bricks at the bottom so he could make the jump.

I think basically what you’ll find is that you’re not scrunching near enough. You probably have the oomph for two more pallets, but you need to end up with the wheel almost touching your butt when you land on the top pallet.

However, look at the video, and come up with your own conclusions.

I can see why everyone gets cranky about ppl not wearing helmets. So he doesnt want to wear a helmet big deal. If a really good unicyclist like dan H. whipped out this crazy move, know one would say anything about a helmet.


p.s. in U2 he rolling hops a stack of 7 pallets, why dont we bitch about that rather then picking on this poor kid? huh?..huh!

p.s.s sorry not to hack on dan, i only wear helmets when goin huge.

nice side hop

Re: 5 pallets, want higher

“caw89” <caw89@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> As for the helmets, i just find them very uncomfortable,(sp?) I just
> dont like em, they’re big annoying and heavy.

I’m not going to tell you that you have to wear a helmet, but I think
the reason you give is bogus.

Once you get used to riding with one, a properly fitted helmet is
barely noticeable. My favorite evidenve for this is the day I turned
around a few blocks from home to get the helmet I thought I had
forgotten. Guess what? I was actually wearing it.


I’ve bitched plenty about the helmetless riders in the UNiVERsE movies…

I wear a helmet only when goin big like unibrow said, perhaps my helmet doesnt fit very ewll or somthing (walmart helm) maybe il get a mullet helmet form 661. Il have ot watch that Kh mocie again tonight, my pedal grabs are fine, I do them all the time, but the objects i want to do are a lil high, just outa my padal grab reach(walls fences etc.) and am workin on jumpin higher to get higher pedal grabs also. 30" would be great all i need. thanks for hte help and ill just keep practicin and try to tuck the tire more. Il try to wear a helmit a lil more if it pleasin ya, although i reall some clips w/ gerble in it where hes doin some rail grinds with no helmet