5' Nimbus 'Single Chain' Giraffe Unicycle

I’m selling my giraffe unicycle. I’m finding I don’t have enough time to ride it and I’m sure it could have a better home.

It’s not been ridden very much so it is still in very good condition. There are only a couple of scratches on the pedals and saddle.

They sell for £175 on unicycle.com and mine is exactly the same (gel saddle and everything).

I am wanting to sell it for £90 or the next best offer.

You could pick up the unicycle from Leeds or get a courier. Cash on collection please. I live in Leeds city centre although there is ample parking very near by.

Another thing I’m throwing in with the deal is a set of Kojak chain tensioners, still packaged and unopened. They are a spare part for the giraffe uni that I have never had to use.

Sorry for multiple posts. I’m having a few picture upload issues.

ig there i not way i could get this to the US cheap is there?

sweet, i’m pretty interested, i’ll need to ask dad tonight if i can get a lift to leeds though, if not. any idea on how much a courier to nottingham would be?

bmx colby-
I have no idea how much you would have to pay to get it shipped to america but I should imagine it would be quite a lot.

There are 3 options.
You could ask your dad to give you a lift
You could hire a courier to come and pick it up. I have no clue about the cost of a courier. Maybe £20 or £30. Not sure.
You could come up on the train from Nottingham. Train tickets are quite cheap. Probably about £15 return. I could meet you at Leeds train station with the unicycle. It would be no problem as I live close by. I can PM you my mobile number if you are interested in buying the unicycle.

sorry, i bought the 24" on here before you got ack to me.

never mind, it’s all good

I’ll leave this thread a while longer to see if there is any interest.

5 ft unicycle

hi im interested in the girrafe unicycle but would like to know how much you would lower your price to compicate for the postage.i live in a town called eastleigh just outside southampton in Hampshire.thanks,R Fernandez:).

That is quite far away.
I am still wanting £90 for the giraffe unicycle as it is in very good condition.
If you hire a courier to collect it the cost shouldn’t be extortionate.
It would still be a very good price considering that these sell for £175 online.

I can give you my mobile number and address for the courier if you are interested.