5 months riding :)

after 5 months riding i’ve been able to do this drop:

It’s one meter… it might not be anything special for you guys that have been uniing for years but to me it’s a great achievement… especially after a week i’ve had to stay home with a very bad fever… :sunglasses:

I’ll use this thread to ask u some questions as well… i wanted to know how much time without training it takes to forget the stuff you have learnt… because this week at home has done me absolutely no good… i’m still kinda dizzy and i can’t seem to go straight…

Also… do you have any suggestions to train in jumps… cuz i still can’t jump very high…

Thanks a lot guys… cheers :slight_smile:

nice, Ive been teaching my little sister how to hop, she can hop about 10 times in one spot, she’ll get better.
She can go off 1 steps, but hasnt tried anything higher, when i was starting off,
I prolly had about a 15 inch jump, after about 3 months of unicycling or 4, and i jumped off a 10 foot retaining wall with a 50 buck chrome one thinking id be ok lol.
Crushed it soooo badly, all the spokes were bent, 2 broken, my dad took it to the shop and just had to buy a new rim lol. (ill never be doing that agian, was sooooo scary, took me almost 10 minutes to get the confidence to jump it) ( I landed it though!!!)
(just broke my uni):smiley:

but congrats just dont try anything too high.

nice drop! good job! especially after not having ridden for a week.
Your skills will slowly start to come back in a few days. You just have to work reeeaaaally hard at it. i’d say that it only takes a week or so to get rusty at stuff that you could do pretty good before. i’m sure it’s different for everybody though.
what kind of jumps are you focusing on right now? static or rolling??

I always wanted to do 1m drops from about 3 months ridding, but dam square taper hub stopped me :frowning:

haha. on that freestyle uni?? omg, your extreme. i’d never, EVER do anything that high on a freestyle. i killed my learner uni going off a picnic table… but that’s no comparison. wow.

i’m kind of trying both but i’d like to learn the rolling ones because i’m no good at it… the static ones i can go up max about 20" (probably a bit less) the rolling ones i can’t even manage to get up a kerb…

I also wanted to know what you think about my skills… i mean if you think i’m training enough and having good results for the time i’ve been riding or if i should get more into it and train specificly… as i told you i’ve been riding for six months and apart from jumps and going up and down the stairs i’m kinda trying out the basic tricks (like one foot riding and 180 unispin) but i can’t do them yet… :slight_smile:
Thank you guys

I can help you by making a rolling hop guide. =p

Im bored and need something to video tape.

That 'd be VERY helpful… if you find enough time to do it let me know… that would be great!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ill go work on it right now. =p

Its will be pretty simple, mainly text then a video showing what I mean.

This should be pretty fun, hopefully its done by tonight or mid-tomorrow.

you know… i did’t think about the fact that here in italy it’ 1:20AM… but overe there probably it’s full day… well then thanks a lot… i’ll see what you’ve done tomorrow… Goodnight :slight_smile: :smiley:

A week won’t effect your ridng too much. I learned doubleflips, than on the next day left for Costa Rica. I stayed there for 9 days, and on the day I got back, I could still do everything, including doubleflips.

what do you mean stopped you? Ive been doing 4 1/2ft drops on my cheap 20
with square taper hubs, not saying that the uni is in perfect condition thou :slight_smile: b but dont let them stop you geez

I’m sure that there are plenty of people who take a square taper hubed uni off one meter drops. I have done it a few times but mostly drops two feet and less. After about a year i wrecked one pair of cranks but that was very cheep to fix compared to buying a splined uni. I am not a heavy guy at 160 pounds (73 kg)

Judging by your age i would say that you are most likely light enough that your uni can take the drops, and if not it may help you justify getting a better setup:D

and cogliaz: I wouldn’t worry too much about the down time. Taking a break from something can actually improve your abilities as it lets short-term muscle memory become long-term memory. You can get rusty from not doing something but re-learning is way easier than learning it in the first place.

Granted, I am about 235 lbs, but I’ve bent either the hub or the cranks on my Torker LX, and the largest drop I’ve ever done is a large curb.

I am not sure when it actually got bent, but I probably did it just learning to hop in one place.

I couldn’t imagine doing a 3 footer on that thing… I’d have a Kangaroo when I was done… I ended up not hopping till I got a DX…


si vive in italia ? mio in nizza

I guess not all square tapers are made equal. Mine bent while learning to jump mount - never mind doing any drops…
I’ve since been limited to ground work until I allocate funds for something better.


sorry for the thread jack, but I have a question to ask while we’re talking about wrecking unis (nice jump btw)

I’ve been getting braver with my jumping on my Torker LX, but I don’t have much money, so I don’t want to spend any on repairs, and I won’t be getting a new uni for a few months. How much abuse can I put my Torker through before bending something? I’m about 70 kilos on a 24 inch Torker LX. Is it okay for me to try a couple 1m drops, or should I cap it at 1-2 ft?
Edit: not that I’m ready for big drops, just planning ahead…

to hop higher, start at a small height ( maybe 2 pallets ) and work your way up once you got some heights consistant. that should also train your technique as well for hopping higher.