5 Miles of Hell

Hey y’all,

Newbie here. Been lurking for a day or so and just ordered my MUni (KH24). Haven’t been on a one wheel in about 20 years (yeah, newbie and OLD guy). Grew up riding Schwinn’s (24" std. and 6’ giraffe) back in the late 70’s.

Anyway, just curious if anyone here has ever tried Utah’s famed 5 Miles of Hell on a uni. I’ve done it several times on dirt bikes and on trials motorcycles. But, my wife, who also rides trials MCs was thinking about walking (scouting) it before attempting it. Anyway, thought it might be fun on the uni as she walked it with a camera.

Anyone tried this? Anyone wanna?

pics of the trail here…

Will in Colorado

Is this near Hells Canyon …?

Cuz, if it is, be sure to bring along everything that could be used for survial. (Just in case) Hells Canyon is named appropriately. It’s a beautifull area thats hard to get in/out of…
(only one way in/out, and it takes forever)

There are several ‘fishing areas’ farther away… but prices for everything is pretty high.

Best to bring everything with you.

I would have 100 times more fun there on my DH b*ke instead on my uni…:smiley:

Looks like a really difficult version of the kind of riding you’ll find near Moab (slickrock trail).

I, for one, don’t think I’ve got what it takes to enjoy the “FMOH” trail.

A nice write-up of the trail can be found at:


Yep, it’s a good bit harder than anything you’ll find at slickrock. Its sorta like the hard parts of the Gold Bar Rim trail in Moab, except that the difficulty is continuous. I think 5moh would be tough on a mountain bike (and not much fun). But only because there is a lot of short radius turning(hopping) that needs to be done… i.e., perfect for a uni.