5 Guys Doing Unicycle Beer Bongs at Madfest

Here is a link to me and my friends doing unicycle beer bongs in the Renegade Show at Madfest in Madison, WI:

Disclaimer: Kids, Do NOT Try This At Home!

Ha! i like it.
have to say i never tried drinkin whilst unicyclin before, hmmm gotta try.


Lutz did a stand-up wheelwalk while drinking beer at our renegade! :smiley:

this weekend i am due to drink enough beer to piss through a rock, it is at a circus festival so they will be unicycles there !! maybe, just maybe i will have learnt to stand up wheel walk by then??

Last time i drunk and rode i tried to drop of a shed :frowning: only a small shed mind you, still managed to sprain my ankle or something

Good to see you putting those Level 10 idling skills to good use. :wink:

Good clean fun (long as it’s not at your house). Who’s the guy on the right? I think I recognized a couple of familiar twins on the left, the tall tuna man in the middle, a recently married guy after that, and possibly a Colin.

I think next year you’ll have to add strapping those things to your heads, freeing up your hands so you can juggle. :smiley:

^^Yes, John you are right on the guys (Cameron, Preston, Me, Schwarz & Colin).

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:wink: :wink: :wink:

i had scotch and rode into a bookcase.:frowning: