5' Giraffe on ebay (australia)


I just saw this on ebay and thought that there may be an Australian (or NZ)
unicyclist who is interested. At the moment it is $100- what a bargain.

Wayne van Wijk

Cool!!! Thanks for letting us know. I’m in the process of placing my bid. I’ll have to borrow a credit card from Mum or Dad :). I just realised that you’ve placed a bid yourself. That’s really nice of you to let other people know that this giraffe’s available when you could keep it a secret. Do you own a giraffe these days? I know you sold one to Simon ages ago. I’m saving for a GP Trials uni but I just couldn’t mis an opportunity like this.

Thanks again,

Can anyone please tell me what brand this giraffe is? I’m going to do some research to see how much it would be new. I really, really, really want it!


Sorry to post so much but I couldn’t add the photo by eiting…


It’s a Savage Unicycle with a Viscount Saddle Andrew.
Did you see another thread like this. It’s the same one but with my topic in it Andrew. I hope you find it. 5’ uni on Ebay Australia.
Go for it Andrew Bubby mate. Unicycle.com is the best place to look at it NEW.


If it is a Savage, it’s also got a different wheel. Going by the unicycle.com price, it’s worth $244 AUD new and is currently at $100. I thought it would be worth a lot more. I still really want it though.

Please check your email.


P.S. The picture on the left is the Savage with a United saddle.

Andrew, sorry to do a little thread-jacking here but you were coveting my TP unicyclist a while back. There is another one on ebay .

They even ship to “Australasia” (sic). :roll_eyes:

Thanks a lot Steve, but given the shipping cost to Australia, it’d probably be easier to make one myself. I’d do that in the next holidays.


Australasia is a geographic term that is used to describe the australian/pacific region which includes Indonesia, Papua new Guinea etc etc. It does not include ‘Asia’ at all - no China in it.


Sometimes Savage Unicycles might or will have different wheels and a different Saddle clamp. It may not be a Savage Unicycle.
It might be a Nimbus from Unicycle.com.uk. A DM Unicycle or a Semcycle with a Viscount. That might be rare with a Viscount Saddle on a Semcycle, They normaly do with a Large XL Saddle like mine. I’ll let you know about my Semcycle in an another New thread of mine in a few weeks time. It’s still not here yet by the way and I’m getting worried right now as we speak. I’m begging you to bid that and hopefully It’s your’s. Let me know if you are a successful bidder and tell us all about it. Onya Andrew.