5 Foot Unicycles

I’ve ridden unicycles since I was a child, but I’ve never attempted a 5 foot
unicycle. Is it that much harder? I’m thinking of buying a brand new 5 footer &
giving it a go. Any suggestions on what type or brand is best? Any info would be
greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Shane

RE: 5 Foot Unicycles

Whomever you are,

You clearly seem new to the whole newsgroup/email discussion list format. I
thought I’d let you know that, essentially, you’re coming across as a jerk. If
that’s your intent, fine. I’ll simply filter out any future postings. If you’re
trying to be funny or something, it’s not working. We actually have a nice
group of people who share a common interest, and don’t appreciate spam like your
postings. If you want to be part of this group, I’d suggest you lurk for a
while, read what people have to say, and get a feel for the group. At the
moment, you’re making a bad first impression.


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Re: 5 Foot Unicycles

Schwinn Giraffe!