5-foot giraffe vs. 6-foot giraffe

Hi everyone!!! I officially asked for a giraffe unicycle for Christmas, and I just wanted to know if a 5-foot will be too short? Kind of sounds stupid, i know, but do you think I should go for a 6-footer? Also, do you think anybody could tell the difference? Thanks! Also, bear in mind that I’m only 4’ 7" tall!

I think you should get a 5 footer caue I dont know if you have a lng enough inseem for a 6 footer. Also the 5 footer would be a lot easier to mount considering your hight.

i have a 5 footer and its tall enough…

go with 5

You’re only 5 inches shorter than your uni if you buy a 5.

If you bought a really short seat post and grew a bit…

You still may not be tall enough.

true true…

i am 5’2’’~ and i have the seat really low

hmm… if memory serves, i got a six foot when i was 11 (or i coulda been 12, see, there goes the memory)

so, if you happen to fit on the thing, go for the six, but find out whether you fit first

theres no advantage to a 6’

there only more expencive

To the average observer there’s little difference between a 5 and a 6 foot girafffe. Unicyclists will be able to tell, but not the general public.

Freemounting a 6 footer is more challenging than a 5 footer. If you want to transport your giraffe a 5 footer is more practical.

I personally disagree with the pubic perception of a 5 foot vs 6 foot.

With a 5 foot unicycle your eye lever is just slightly above that of a 6 foot person (7-8 feet). A 6 foot however puts your head at 8-9 feet high forcing everyone to look up to you in a crowd. The reaction I’ve seen from crowds virtually is always better on a 6 foot than on a 5 footer.

I say go for the extra foot if you can.

Have I seen a 5-8 foot adjustable giraffe or was that a figment of my fevered imagination.

I don’t know how it would work since the chain would have to adjust, but who knows.

I have seen that cool hinge giraffe that goes up and down like the baseball or boxing gloves that come out of jack-the-boxes in the cartoons.


I disagree.

It is kind of like the difference between trying to balance a pencil in your hand versus trying to balance a broom handle in your hand. The taller one is easier to balance. You have more time to react and recover.

At least that is what I have gathered.

i disagree…

the farther up your CG is the less ballanced you are…

Re: 5-foot giraffe vs. 6-foot giraffe

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004 16:19:38 -0600, “caw89” wrote:

>I think you should get a 5 footer caue I dont know if you have a lng
>enough inseem for a 6 footer.

Last time I looked, all of the height difference was in the chain. You
don’t need longer legs to ride a 6 footer.

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but you have more time to correct…


Re: Re: 5-foot giraffe vs. 6-foot giraffe

Actually you do. We have a 5’ Savage and a 6’ Torker. The measurement from top of stem to center of crank axle on the 5’ is 19" while the 6’ measures 23". Both are outfitted with 5½" cranks. With the saddle in the downmost position, you would have to add 3" or so for seat height. So doing the math, in order to ride the 6’, you would need 23" stem height + 3" seat height + 5" for cranks in the lowest position for an required inseam of 31". Now most people can stretch an inch plus when they settle into the saddle so you could probably ride a 6’ with less than a 31" inseam.

My son, Brad, is 11 years old, 5’1" and can ride the 6’ with no problem. Matter of fact, he has to raise the seat about 3" for a proper fit.

Hope that helps.

I have a 6 foot Schwinn. I got it way back when I was 13 or 14. It doesn’t get ridden much because I’m a wimp and have never learned to freemount it. Back then the 6 foot Schwinn’s were the only readily available giraffe. Now we have choices.

I’d rather have a 5 footer. A 5 footer is easier to mount and I’m pretty sure I’d be able to learn to freemount it in short order. One of these days I’m going to get a 5 footer.

If your reason for getting the giraffe is to have fun and just ride it then the 5 footer will give you all of that fun and more because it will be easier to mount. If your reason for getting the giraffe is for professional performances then a 6 foot or taller will be more impressive in shows.

I’d be unimpressed with myself if the uni made to make me higher was shorter than I was. It’d be a personal thing “Well, I’m only 2 feet or so off the ground in reality.”

I’d go with a 9-foot giraffe. Practice for a month or 4 and you should be able to free mound it…maybe not.