5 best unicycle reviews in 2019

As I was surfing youtube for getting more speed out of a 24", I came upon this very silly video:

How can they be serious and they claim to sell them on Amazone.

It gave me a good laugh.

Oh gosh, that’s hilarious.
“review made from thousands of reviews”; yeah right.

Lately I’ve been searching for a good fixed gear bike (that’s the closest bike to a uni, right?) and I was amazed at how many fake review sites are out there, with text copied from other sites. The one thing they have in common? They always link to Amazon pages. I guess each buy generates some money back, and the overall volume makes it worthwhile for the people behind those.

That video is astonishing bad! I couldn’t stand to watch the whole thing, but noticed that it’s using a text to speech generator. They must have a script that slings them together and spams youtube with 1000’s of videos, one for each product category.