5.10 Line Kings?

I just stumbled on this new offering from 5.10 that looks like a promising MUni shoe. I like that the sole is stitched on, but we’ll have to wait and see if it is a good riding shoe. They do say that it is for slackline, and bmx and freeride mountain biking.

I’m interested, well have to wait and see.

Looks interesting and still utilizes the “dot matrix” sole design, although the dots seem larger than on previous 5.10 versions, and the pattern also does not extend to the outer regions of the sole, as this one, the Karver, and original 5.10 high impact does. The sole also seems much more flexible than the other 5.10’s I mentioned, and not nearly as thick and firm. Also, the toe box appears to be lacking in sufficient height to accommodate my “hammer” toes. I would have to try these on in person, vs. buying them online, taking a chance that they would fit.

Yuck. For me, the 5.10s are all about the stiff sole with super grippy rubber. A soft sole might be good for doing tricks, but would be terrible for any kind of distance riding (MUni or road).

Does anyone know how the 5.10’s compare to the Shimaro MP56 DX? I love those shoes and they do not make them anymore in black. Does anyone know a place that still sells them and/or a shoe that is similar? I really need a new pair of shoes for MUni and performing and those worked great not only cause they were an awesome shoe but because they were all black. I love having the shoe lace protector and the fact one side has an ankle protector. Any info about shoes would be great. Did a little reserach but as most shoes change every one or two years, they are all out of date…

I haven’t been able to find out very much about this shoe. I would assume that the sole is flexible for slacklining, but how can you tell from a picture? It could be stiffer than the thickness of the sole suggests.

I like the overall look of the shoe, but if it’s soft I will look elsewhere.