5,000km on One Wheel for Climate Action

Hi all,

I hinted a few weeks back that I was planning a long-distance tour, and got lots of helpful advice from forum members on ideal uni, setup, etc. (very helpful, as I’m a relative newbie!).

I meant to post a more thorough description of my ride and campaign but didn’t find the time before leaving. All the info is on the website but in short, it’s a 5,000km ride from Victoria BC to Ottawa, Canada to call for action in response to climate change.

I hope it’s acceptable to make a general announcement like this given it’s uni-related and for a good cause! I would love to meet up with any fellow unicyclists who would be interested in riding a portion of the route or introducing me to their community. I’m taking, for the most part, the most southern route available through Canada and also dipping into the US below Lake Superior. I’m also looking for billeting and suggestions of helpful bike shops, environmentally and cycle/uni-centric businesses, politicians, reporters, etc. in all the cities and towns I’ll be passing through.

Thanks again to everyone here for the advice and support so far!

Will you be going through Canmore? I would love to meet you here.

Darn it man, I stumbled on your website the day after you left the island.

Good luck on your quest! Maybe see you when you’re back.

Thanks guys. @muni123, sadly I won’t be going through Canmore. Doing southern (Lethbridge, Medicine Hat) route.

That’s an epic tour for a good cause!

On your group pic, what is that thing attached to your uni? Some sort of sign? :smiley:

Haha, yeah it doubles as a nice banner (more stickers on it now) but the white panels are actually part of aluminum cases. Enough to hold my camping gear and clothes (so just food, water, other random junk in backpack). It’s pretty heavy but I’m slowly getting used to it!

Trying to post pretty regular updates on FB and Twitter:


Congratulations on your early progress, and wishing you good health and a safe ride all the way to Ottawa!

Not that you’ll probably want to touch a unicycle after your ride is finished, but if the timing works out, you’ll be very close to Unicon XVII in Montreal. You should stop by if you can. People would love to meet you and hear about your adventures. You could probably also boost your fundraising there as well.

On your last leg into Ottawa, I imagine you will be passing through Hull, Quebec, the site of Unicon V in 1991. This year will be the third World Championships to be held in Canada; the other was in Quebec City in 1992.

Jeez I bet! :smiley: Your first pic made it just look like a cardboard cutout but now I’ve stalked your facebook/twitter feeds I can see the width of it. That’s crazy, but awesome! I would love to see a write-up about that thing alone (When you’re done riding of course) :slight_smile:

Following you on the Twit now :smiley: