4yr old youngest unicyclist

Learned to ride at 2, now cruising at 4, will be on daddy’s coker before u know it…:smiley:


Let me be the first to say:


Yeah !!

:astonished: He learned to ride at two? Awesome! Carry on!

awwww that’s so cute.

That is awesome!

That isn’t a real kid. It looks like a bear dressed in a kid suit. I think I can see the seam. I am sort of an expert in these matters. :smiley:

That is so cool!

Amazing! Of course eventually he will rebel and ride a bike.

Daddy’s building me a mini stair set just like his:)

I believe you are on your way to receiving a 3" plastic World’s Greatest Dad trophy. Well done!

My daughter started riding successfully this year soon after turning 6.
I now have another daughter who is 8 months old and I’m already wondering when she’ll learn to ride.
It’s funny to think that one of my kids will never have known me before I started riding. Unicycles will just be an everyday normal thing to have around. :slight_smile:

That’s cool, especially to see it on video. I heard once that the youngest (known) ever person to ride a unicycle was 1.5 years old. He (or she) rode it across a stage. This was before the time everybode videode(*) everything, so I haven’t seen any “proof”.

(*) Is that the past sense of the verb to video? Or maybe videoed?

I dont think “to video” is a proper verb, the proper verb would be “to record” with the past tense being recorded :slight_smile:
Very cool, let us know how he gets on with the stairs :smiley:

Oh I heard that any noun can be verbed :slight_smile:
Strictly speaking, to unicycle is not a verb either (I think). Go figure.

hehe, that’s true, and we would say I videod, but im really unsure how i’d spell it and wouldnt use it if i was writing a formal piece of english work or something :stuck_out_tongue:
I llamad that farm the other day, the verb being to llama :stuck_out_tongue: it works, but yeah! xD

What size wheel is that? I have a cut down 12" but that looks smaller.

My 4 year old tries to ride, but he has no attention span so he has not yet learned. (Although he is better about rolling the wheel to stay under him while I help hold him up.)

My 2 year old would love to ride, but his legs are still too short for the 12". I’m afraid to cut any more off of the neck, so he will just have to grow a bit.

We had a request recently to make a really small unicycle. We cut down a Hoppley to make it small enough for a 14" inside leg.

Here are some pictures:


Awesome !!! I want one :slight_smile: It’s a little to big for my 5 month old son, but soon maybe :smiley:

That’s awesome. I really like.

same for “grizzly” my 4yrs old bear cub … except that he is much much taller and bigger …