4th of July parade callout

Attention all Indiana unicyclists - you are invited to ride with myself and others this July 4th in our parade in Sheridan. We did it last year and it was a blast. Sheridan is 30 minutes north of 465 and 30 minutes south of Kokomo.

Last year we had Jesse Millikan on a standard uni, myself on a 5 footer, and Tom Miller of The Unicycle Factory on a 10 footer. This year I hope to at least double the number of participants.

If anyone’s interested, please let me know.



Come on people, I know somebody lives close enough to do this parade.

Last year there were 3 of us and this year looks like we will have 6. I buy lunch afterwards!

Sorry man! I would so do it, if I lived close to Indiana. But I live in Utah.

That sounds awesome but its a 4 hour drive from southern IN. That coupled with the crippling hangover i will probably have from partying on the 3rd discourage me.

HYDR8 and shadymilkman,

I’m appalled. Real unicyclists would travel from overseas stricken with mad cow disease to join us in this parade.

Good luck with the parade and post any pictures! I’m riding in the parade in Cayucos, California for the second year in a row. This time we’re an official entry in the parade (#67) and have at least three giraffes (including at least one 7-footer) and 3-4 additional unicyclists. It’s going to be a blast!

Some pictures from our parades.

Some of the group from the Fourth of July parade in Cayucos (we had 3 more unicyclists):

The group that rode in the Morro Bay Bike Parade:

My facepaint is a bit washed out because of the sunlight in this photo:

A friend caught this action shot of me juggling. I also passed giraffe to giraffe several times during slow parts, the first three times without a drop!


Great pics and stories. I’m particularly impressed with passing clubs while on giraffes!

We had Tom Miller on his 10 footer, myself on a 5 footer, Jesse Millikan juggling on a regular uni, and a kid named Brady on a training unicycle made by Tom Miller. Joining us was Brady’s Dad on a large tricycle with off center wheels - also made by Tom. We all had fun as usual.

Great photo! I was surprised how well I did passing clubs g2g. It helps when you have groundlings who can pick up drops so you don’t have to dismount yourself. I just started working on some one footed giraffe riding and hooping on the giraffe but didn’t feel comfortable enough to break either out during the parade. I should also practice juggling while riding the giraffe backwards but that can be tricky on a road with various obstacles.


“G2G” :smiley:
“Groundlings” :D:D

After the parade we hung out and juggled in our nice park. I can just do the basics with 3 balls and haven’t committed yet to polishing up club juggling. But Jesse insisted on showing me how to take 3 balls being juggled by him, then let him take them from me etc… I don’t know if there is a term for that, but I got a big kick out of it. I didn’t think I’d be able to learn it quickly, but I learned it in about 5 minutes.

I’m probably not explaining the trick well. The idea is for one person to juggle the basic cascade, then the 2nd person catches the balls mid-juggle from the 1st person. I found it to be quite the head trip having the balls taken from me while I was juggling them! So it was quite a treat to learn how to take them from someone else.

That may be called “stealing” but don’t quote me on it. You should practice passing. That’s fun to do even with just balls and I teach people to pass who can only get three catches.

Well I would like to learn passing. For now I’m back to consistent practicing of 3 balls and clubs.

This picture showed up anonymously in my mailbox yesterday. That’s Jesse Millikan juggling, myself on the 5 footer and Tom Miller on his 10 footer.

I had so much fun juggling with Jesse after the parade I’ve started working on juggling while riding again. I’m up to a record of 29 catches with 3 balls.

Great photo! Good work on the juggling! The following weekend I rode in the Arroyo Grande Centennial Parade dressed in my old fashioned finery:

Excellent. I like the outfit.