4th home built giraffe

ok i built another giraffe but this one is a short giraffe id say its not that tall about 30cm taller than a normal 20 uni but the gearing is about 36 on the cranks and 16 on the wheel i have been riding it around and its heaps fast.

Vids or it doesent work.

Nice work. Just don’t ride it on anybody’s vehicle. G:

that seat looks comfy. i never new people can make giraffes at home. how much did it cost you to make?

ok so vids or it doesnt work aye? well mister uni98 go onto youtube and search “adam900x” itll be one of the videos on there it cost me basicly nothing a couple of welding rods and cutting discs and one old bmx bike i have since changed the sprocket to a 36 tooth the one in pic is with 44tooth but i will put a picture up of it just today how it is now setup for keeps.