4th Annual Belle Isle Muni Weekend, Richmond VA

It’s that time of year again! The Hell on Wheel Gang (whatever that is) is ready to host another winter weekend of one-wheeled wackiness! You can see pictures and video from our last three events in our gallery. Like every year, I’ll try to have the whole weekend open so we’ll have:
Friday night - informal urban trials/street,
Saturday - the main muni event on/around Belle Isle,
and if there’s any stragglers on Sunday, anything goes.
These events have never brought out more than a dozen or so people, so it’ll be an “intimate” group, with trails for people of all skill levels. I’ll post more info shortly, but if you’re interested, go ahead and post the dates that work best for you:
Possible weekends - Nov. 17-19, 24-26, Dec. 1-3, 8-10, 15-17, 29-31


Nov. 24-26 is by FAR the easiest for me and my parents because I dont have school that day so I could actualy make the friday ride. Almost all the other weekends are full of other stuff so nov. 24-26 would be awsome. Also, how far outside of Richmond is Belle Island?

It’s actually smack-dab in the middle of the City of Richmond, on the James River, just blocks from my house. Route 1 spans right over top of it. I’ll put up some directions soon.

OK, thanks. Anyone else coming who doesnt use the forums?


true dat.

I’ll be watching this thread and hope to make it if I can carve out some time, but don’t want to suggest a date as I can’t be sure I’ll be there.

So its happening? Maybe you could figure out some more specific dates cause I need to book a hotel. Thanks!

Yeah I suppose Nov. 24-26 is the best bet. Max, are you coming down with your parents? I’ve got a few spare couches and plenty of floor space if you want to rough it, otherwise I think the Radisson on W. Franklin is reasonable.


Yeah, my parents (at least one) is coming down. Only thing is my mom might want to make it a thing where we bring the whole family, so we’ll probably get a hotel. Many thanks for the offer though! Also, sorry for being so pesky but I just want to CONFIRM the dates before paying for a hotel. Thanks alot and I hope to see you there!

Almost missed this thread…

I can do Nov. 24-26.

Hey PDC, I just bought a real muni wheelset so this time maybe I’ll only be a quarter mile behind you and Frank…

Other Richmond unicyclists?:: I was riding down Monument/Franklin street today, near JEB Stuart, and I was about 75 meters behind another unicyclist who cornered at Stuart circle. It wasn’t Frank, the only other unicyclist in Richmond that I know of (people yell “Hell-On-Wheel” or “Frank” at me when I ride at dusk…), but whoever it was dissappeared into an apartment building before I could catch up. From a distance it looked like a red 24" uni, maybe the Torker DX, maybe not.

Cool, I got another frame, check out the brothers -

Hehe, ill be behind anyone on a 24". My only good uni is a trials:(

Collecting the entire set? I love that frame.

If I go I can bring an extra Muni.

How much $ for yours? :smiley:

Im about 5 feet tall. I dont think any one of you Muni’s will fit me without cutting down the seatpost considerably. Thanks for the offer anyway!

You can’t put a price on love… well, $1million…